Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Visiting the cemetery

Because we live so close to the Santa Clara Cemetery, we are able to visit my kids' sweet cousins Katelynn and Kyleigh's headstones rather often. Here are a couple pictures at Kyleighs headstone, she would have been 3 weeks older then Joely. I also took a picture of these balloons in the tree, I'm going to guess that those were probably from Ash and Farah to Kyleigh. Nothing ever stay's were it is supposed to with the strong winds there on the edge of the hill.

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Farah said...

Thank you for going out and visiting! I'm so glad to see the balloons ended up in the tree! ha. It does always happen! I still am on a hunt for the perfect vase, but may just go ahead and settle on one I semi-love!