Thursday, July 1, 2010


So, Im kind of thinking that during the Summer, Im better at just doing a quick recap of the month....

So, in June Joel went on the Trek

Taran turned 7! He had a birthday party at the park with his friends! He loved his birthday party and his major LOOT of presents. Holy Moly he got so dang much stuff that the kids got bored watching him open presents ;-) He got a new bike and scriptures (so he can read the Book of Mormon before he is baptized) from us.

We tie dyed shirts.

We had a family reunion in Cedar, and on our way home we decided to drive the trail that Joel went on for the trek. Wow it was grueling, Im pretty sure they woukd have burried me along the trail if I went!....Oh and of course as we started on the trail, we pulled off to take this picture, and then our camera battery died. So this is the ONLY picture of that adventure.

We had another family reunion for The Wood family. This was the BEST family reunion ever (in my opinion) because it all started out with a family game of the Amazing Race (I'll blog about that later)...of course there are no pictures of that.

The best part of Summer is sleeping in, staying up late, eating otter pops for lunch. No homework. Awesome Family Home Evenings. I love Summer (but not the heat)