Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Joely

Hip Hip Hooray Joely is 9!

Here are 9 things we love about Joely

1. She is such a big help around the house and helping out with the boys
2. She loves things that I do, like matching outfits, hairbows and jewelry! I love that she lets me do her hair.
3. Taran says "Sometimes she be's nice"
4. She has memorized all of the Articles of Faith, she is reading the Book of Mormon and works hard on her Faith in God.
5. She loves school, and has always helped out in class, even staying after school to help clean up the classroom.
6. She helps me remember stuff! I swear she is my day planner, and my journal. Joely has an excellent memory.
7. She loves to have fun, she always wants to play games, go to the park, watch movies or whatever.
8. She is really good with little kids and babies, there was definatly a reason she is the oldest in the family!
9. She is super tough! Anyone that knows Joely realizes that this girl has the highest tolerance for pain, it's seriously amazing! She is not someone to cry about a teeny cut, or for that matter a huge cut.

We love you so much Joely, you make our home a wonderful place to be!


Adam and Robyn said...

What a great help you are to your mom. Happy Birthday Joely!

Bash's said...

Wowser. 9 years old. Happy Birthday to Joely! I hope you guys celebrated lots!