Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Anniverary trip to SLC

I just got back from our 4 day trip to SLC for Joel and I's 10 year anniversary. We went and saw The Killers...it was so great! I'd rank that concert right up there with the Police concert. This was the first time Parlee went to a babysitter. My sister jess had the 4 kids for almost 5 hours and they did great. Jess had a Halloween project for them and movies to watch, Parlee did great too. Sunday we took Joels brother Marc and Dan (who works for us) to the SLC temple. We watched the Joseph Smith movie (and I cried and cried like I always do) and we toured our temple square, we actually spent about 5 ours there and still didnt see all that temple square has to offer. All in all it turned out to be a great weekend.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

how would you answer the phone?

This morning as we were getting ready for school the phone rang, I asked Taran to answer it. He picks up the phone and says 'Dear Heavenly Father" then he realizes he said the wrong thing and was laughing so hard he could hardly say hello. We all thought it was pretty funny.

Happy First DECADE!

Today is our 10th anniversary. It's funny how 10 years ago I thought that making it to 10 years seemed like FOREVER. But the time flies by much too quickly! So how are we celebrating? Oh, Joels in SLC, so I guess we wont be celebrating together. But tonight Joel is bringing two of his nephews to a Rancid concert and I am going to be enjoying the second half of the book 'The Time Travelers Wife'. However on Saturday we did buy tickets to see 'The Killers' concert in SLC for our anniversary.

Well here is to 10 years and many more decades to come!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


It's rodeo time! I love this time of year, filled with reunions, hot dogs, parades (oh yeah I can't claim that one this year, it's the first year i slacked and didnt put my kids in the children's parade), family, cowboys, and everything else. I just love the rodeo. This year we had a family game night at my house, the best part was the MY TEAM WON!!! We had the Foremaster family reunion on Saturday, they had this geneology poster....or I guess you would say wall hanging, (it was huge) that traced the Foremaster family back to the early 1500's. Grandpa (and Uncle LaVar) rode in with the past Lions presidents on a carriage pulled by huge Priefert horses (bottom picture, grandpa is 2nd to the left and LaVAr is on the right). The rodeo was windy and rainy, I think the worst weather we have ever had at the rodeo. we were all so windblown, the picture of Parlee...or the teeny bit you can see of her is how she spent the entire rodeo. Even though the weather was frightful we still all had fun!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

what going on....

Wow, as usual we have been going a million miles an hour. The last few weeks have been eventful, Joels grandpa who had colon cancer and given 6 weeks to live only lasted 3. I was glad my kids had a chance to play with 'the silly grandpa' one last time. His funeral was wonderful, he was in the military so they had a military funeral, I just love those! We had fun in SLC for the funeral playing with cousins, having a game night with the adults and just enjoying the cooler weather. After returning from that I spent the next week preparing for the big stampin get together I do ever year. Preparing tons of samples for display boards and preparing presentations to get new stampers excited about there new hobby. It's tons of work, but lots of fun. Then on Sunday was Parlee's baby blessing and a brunch at our house. The blessing was beautiful,even though the Bishop told me that the deacon holding the microphone was a little more concerned about folding his arms then holding the microphone up to Joel. So needless to say that sacrament room got REALLY quite fast as we all struggles to hear Joels voice. The brunch was great lots of waffles, breakfast casseroles and fruit. I think we all ate more then we should have! ;) After that I have spent the last few days sewing, sewing and more sewing. I made tons of cute flower luggage tags for Jill. Mom helped me sew Nephite costumes for sharing time on Sunday...I still have two more Nephites and and Angel left. So Im almost done preparing for my 10 minute lesson :) And to top everything off I think my camera has now officially broken :( So I ended up with No pictures of the funeral, the blessing, the new projects or anything. Bummer! We'll I better get back to Nephite costumes!