Monday, May 23, 2011

4th and 5th year hike and ramblings

So my pictures still are not loading onto my computer, and Im too lazy to go and get it figured out, so I guess I'll keep postponing Disneyland pictures, and ramble on about other mindless stuff...

This past week has been such an odd week, for some reason my legs are acting so weak, Monday through Wednesday I was stuck on a self imposed bed rest, not because I wanted to be, but rather because I really didnt have much of a choice, my legs just didnt want to hold this fat body :-)

Friday brought on our overnight girls camp hike for the 4th and 5th year girls. We had planned to take the girls to Red Cliffs and go hike up to the waterfalls. We realized that everyone has probably been there a million times, but its not to hard, and its beautiful. Imagine our surprise when none of the girls had been there before.

The hike went wonderfully, I think everyone enjoyed it. We stopped by Krave on the way back to the Bishops house.

That night, we were planning on staying at the Bishops house, playing night games, having breakfast in the morning and then going home.

Night games were a blast, we had more leaders and girls show up to play games. Then we walked down to the park for some outdoor night games. We bought some glow sticks for the girls and then we played kick the can and sardines.

I'm guessing that my leg problem was not totally over, because while playing kick the can, I totally fell down. I mean an all-the-way-to-the-ground-fall. I'll I kept thinking was Im SO glad that its dark out and no one saw! I thought the fall wasnt too bad, it didnt bother me that night,(the pain came on the next day). But now its 3 days later and today is the first day i can walk normal on my leg. I hit my calf hard on the stairs as I fell down them (yes, I didnt just fall, I fell down stairs ;-)) So, I'm glad that I'm not walking like a hurt penguin (just a regular penguin now)

The whole hike night was such a blast, but my body just cant seem to handle anything anymore. I wonder at times if its because each pregnancy makes it a little harder on me, or is it my age? Either way, Im very much looking forward to having this baby on the outside and perhaps having my body back to myself. :-) I guess I dont share to well!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

this just in..... not a Disneyland post....I promise they will come (I just got my computer back today, so Im working on it)

....but this is new....

Parlee just went potty AND poopy on the toilet!

She had been going potty off and on for about 2 months now, but today she pooped. Yes as a mom I am proud!