Monday, January 31, 2011

Baptism fireside

Last night was the stake baptism fireside. Taran was asked to give the opening prayer in front of a full chapel. He did a great job! The funny thing is that the next two talks the speakers mentioned Taran, he was So embarassed, he kept asking Joel "When are they going to stop talking about me." I think people mentioning him was much harder then giving the actual prayer for him!

Odd story

Okay so this story was way to odd not to share....

Joel left for Vernal early this morning. I talked to him at about 8am and he mentioned how slow the traffic was going because of the icy roads. We hug up and about a minute later he sent my phone a quick snapshot of the icy, snowy roads.....

The at about 9am he called again. I asked how the roads were now. He said he had a crazy story; this is what he told me:

He said right after hanging up the phone with me, he rounded a bend in the freeway and noticed an SUV had just rolled off the road and the driver was trying to get out of his seatbelt (he was upside down). So Joel quickly pulled over and assisted at getting him out of his vehicle, then they went over to Joels truck to wait the 10-20 minutes until the highway patrol came along.

During this time they obviously started talked, he found out that he had rolled because a semi had changed into his lane a little to close to his car, sending snow all over his windshield, making it so he couldn't see anything but white, and the next thing he knew he was rolling off the freeway...As the conversation progressed Joel finally asked him his name and where he was going. The guy told him (and mentioned he was on his way to SLC, he was moving in with a friend) and Joel offered his name. The guy asked if he was related to the Stouts in St. George. The guy then mentioned that his friend was Dustin Stout. Joel then laughed and said, "yeah that's my cousin and you are moving into my sister's basement!" What a small world huh???

PS. We checked the weather for Vernal for this week, Wednesday has a high of 8 and a low of -15. Ouch that's cold. In fact the coldest it's been in three years, and that would be the time that Joel has to work!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I am always putting things in places and forgetting where I've placed them...

So it should be no surprise that the memo I sent to Heavenly Father that said I am busy and over-whelmed lately must have been misplaced too, because somehow I just was put into the Relief Society presidency. So Im kind of guessing that memo must have gotten shuffled around and lost :-)

Actually I really am excited about the new calling, but I do have a lot of anxiety about it too! I have always been a horrible visiting teacher, I lack in the compassionate department, I'm used to working with kids. And then there's the other concerns, I'm pregnant, Joel's out of town all the time, I'm still girls camp director, I just got put on the PTO Evening of the Arts committee...but Somehow I guess it will all work out. Right?

Wish me luck as I venture into REALLY unfamiliar territory!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New school

The kids have now started Red Mountain Elementary.

On the first day of school, I decided to walk them to class, when we parked our car, some of Tarans old friends recognized our vehicle and came running up to great him (yeah!) So Taran quickly went off with them and started playing football. I then walked Joely to class, who was feeling a little bit more timid.

After school, the reports were great, they both had tons of old friends in their classes and were taken right in! Taran reported to me :Mom, this is such a fun school"

By the end of day 2 (Friday) I somehow was lured into being a co-chair of the "Evening of the Arts" night....I guess it's like we (me included) never left! Ha!

Both kids are super happy to be back at the old school, Joely adjusted mush faster then I thought she would, and I think that all is well!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Today we have some city workers, working on the road out front.

Kyler came running into me after seeing them and said

"Mom, I need to hurry and get my work clothes on and ride my bike over to them to help work with them"

Classic 4 year old!


Yesterday Joel and went into Red Mountain Elementary to talk to the principal Mrs. Barnum....The reason: We just havent got the comfortable feeling with Vista that we have been wanting. So we decided to go and talk to our 'old school' about some concerns we have, if switching kids mid-year is a bad idea...etc etc etc.

Needless to say by the end of the visit, we had transfer sheets in hand and we were filling out the necessary paper work to put them back into Red Mountain.

So after school, I told the kids about the change. Taran was WAY excited. Joely shed some tears (which is VERY UNUSUAL for her). I think Joely is going to have a hard time with the switch but is also fine with it....she is just going to miss her teacher Mrs. Fife...and so will we! She is such a wonderful teacher, and the main reason we were planning on not transferring her until next year. But, we felt the switch was a good idea, and Im excited to see how they do and Red Mountain tomorrow!