Friday, March 27, 2009

Bike Riders!

Yeah, Joel came home for a night due to the snow in Salt Lake. So we figured we would take the kids to the park and take of Tarans training wheels on his new Christmas bike... Taran was so excited to try out riding without his training wheels he told me "I can just see in my head how I will do it" Well after some failed attempts he got it! He is a two wheel riding boy! It was so windy when we were practicing it will be nice to give it another shot on the weekend. He is obviously a little shaky on the steering and stuff, but he could do it and we were proud!! Joely brought down her scooter to ride, she never learned how to ride a two wheel bike, we tried several times, but she just wasn't interested and had NO balance. We'll when we were down there, she got on Taran's bike which was too small for her and said she wanted to try, and she rode around like she had been doing it for years, she could start herself out, steer, and stop and go forever. I guess the timing just had to be right for her. We were happy to come home from the park with TWO bike riders! Way to go kids!


Emzilly said...

I know what you mean about Joely never learning to ride a bike but at least she can now. Adam never wanted to learn to ride after he fell ONCE and he still can't ride a bike and has no desire. Congratulations you have less than 100 days left!!!!!

Adam and Robyn said...

Way to go! We are still working on Gentry, haven't quite got the knack of it yet.