Sunday, November 30, 2008


The smorgasboard of food and family is over, and it was all so much fun. We started out by eating at the Stouts house, we were greatful the grandpa Wille was able to join us this year.

Next we went to the Foremaster's and enjoyed a second gorging of turkey...yum.

Finally we ended up going to see Twilight with many family members.

I love that we don't have to choose which family we are going to spend Thanksgiving with, we are able to go to both my family and Joels each year.

The Shirts

I may be slow on my posting, but that's because we had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend! So, here are the shirts I made the kids for Thanksgiving...hmm pretty fun huh?

Some 'figured out' the shirts rather quick, while others..well they just didn't figure it out as quick. :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Kool-Aid Playdough

We had such a FUN homework assignment; Taran is learning about spheres, cylindars, rectangular prisms,cubes and cones. To help learn this concept Mrs. Cornwall gave us a recipe for kool-aid playdough, the kids could make the dough at home and practice macking 3-D shapes.

We chose to make a yummy blue berry playdough, it smelled so yummy and it was easy to make and not sticky! I'm going to keep this recipe around! We had fun making and playing with the dough, and best of all we were learning our 3-dimentional shapes!

Actually I'll post the recipe, it's a good one!

1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
3 Tablespoons oil
1 package kool aid
1 cup boiling water

mix together and enjoy!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fast Sunday

This is about the third Saturday in a row that Taran has asked me if tomorrow is a short day in church. He is in kindergarten and every Friday is a short day, so I assumed this was the reasoning in his thinking. I let him know that church is always three hours and let it go.

However as this question keeps coming up, I asked him some more questions, and finally he said "Well when is Fast Sunday then?" :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

I just love this picture

This picture just makes me laugh, and thats all! This is a wooden motorcycle that the boys have in there room as a decoration, we took it down when we were cleaning and dusting the other day and later found Kyler sitting on the motorcycle trying to ride it! What a silly boy!

Big helper

Kyler was being quite the helpful boy, my grandparents were helping me with some new furniture we got and Ky was right there to make sure everything was going okay. He loves to be right in the middle of the action.

The bummer thing is that this new bedroom set we got, it was a gift from my mom when we were planning on moving, well it just got here, (and we aren't moving anymore) and it doesn't fit inside this house! So right now I have a bedroom set sitting in the front room, I must say I am greatful the headboard isn't here yet!!

I guess I need to figure out what to do with it before the Christmas tree comes :) Thanks mom we do love the set though!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I just got back from picking up Taran from kindergarten, and on my front porch where these beautiful flowers! Joel had them sent to me today and I must say I was totally surprised! I would have never guessed I was going to get such an awesome surprise, I just love flowers, but even moreso I love getting flowers unexpectantly! This was a beautiful and original arrangement with some tropical leaves and a bird of paradise.

Thanks Joel..... I LOVE YOU!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

3 books in three review

I just got done reading a series and I couldn't find pictures of the books to add to my bookshelf on the sidebar, so I figured I would do a book review. I just read First Love and Forever, First Love Second Chance, and Now and Forever. They were all written by Anita Stansfield whom is an LDS author. Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I am NOT a fan of LDS fiction, but a friend passed them on to me, and I quickly read them. I must say I was entertained, but she has some trully anoying things in her books. They were some parts thats were too preachy to fit in the topic of what was going on...that totally BUGS me. I think I will have to wait awhile before I attempt another LDS fiction, but on the flip side I think it was worth a read.

So whats next on the book list... I think the next book I am going to read is 'A Thousand Splendid Suns' It's by the same author of 'The Kite Runner' I have been wanting to read this book, but those of you who have read the kite runner would probably agree that two of his books in a row would definatly be overkill. My aunt just finished this book and loved it, so if anyone wants to read it when I do that would be awesome. I love discussing books when they are done.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Out with the old in with the new...

Okay, so that wasn't a very nice title....this weekend was an emotional weekend. It brought about many changes in the Primary and I must say I was not ready for all the changes that happened. Robyn Peterson my 1st councilor was released to go into the Young Womens presidency, this spawned a lot of additional changes, and as a result I have a new first councilor Deborah Decker whom I am very excited to work with. I also lost my secretary Andrea Bang who was repalced by Virginia Covington: this to will be fun getting to know her. I was sad to see my presidency leave, but on the flip side I am excited for the changes and new friendships that will develope in my new presidency. Changes are always difficult for me, I especially had a hard time when Robyn decided to bear her testimony in Primary, the Bishop and Brother Anderson were both sitting in the back of the primary, I don't think the primary has seen so many tears.

I think the last two weeks (thats when I knew the changes were happening) I have had a chance to reflect on my calling and how greatful I am to be in the Primary. I can't imagine any place I would rather be, and I can't imagine anything else I would be rather doing with my time.... Okay so I may cry even when I am typing... It's funny to look at the time I have been in primary, even though I knew and admired those who I had in my presidency, it wasn't until we began to serve together that I trully could appericiate how trully wonderful these women really are, I can't imagine better friends then those I have been given over this past year. It's funny how I feel a sense of lose, even though we still all live a couple blocks from each other, the feeling you get when you serve your Heavenly Father and strengthen the testimonies of young children along with strengthening your own testimony is a very powerful thing. As I do look at what has been done, I too am excited at the prospect of forging new friendships and watching the gospel move forward.

I brought my camera to church yesterday so I could take a picture of my past and present primary presidency, but like a dummy I forgot to take pictures; so I guess I'll have to update this with pictures later.

July 2007 Primary Presidency:
President: Kristin Stout
1st councilor: Robyn Peterson
2nd councilor: Jennifer Anderson
Secretary: Andrea Bang

October 2007:
2nd councilor: Lori Borrowman - Jennifer moved out of our ward

November 2008 Priamry Presidency:
President: Kristin Stout
1st councilor: Deborah Decker
2nd councilor: Lori Borrowman
Secretary: Virginia Covington

Look at that - the only one to even stay the same is myself....I need to work better at my people skills apparently :) I think I scare every one away!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Does it come with a lid?

I was thinking I need to invent a crib that has a lid on it, because this climbing out of the crib thing is getting a little old already. It has now been four days in a row that Kyler has climbed out of his crib a little before 6am and insists that everyone gets up,he turns lights on, gets in our beds and tries to roll us out. It's great that we are far from being rushed getting the other kids ready for school, but I think I'm getting tired of his new found freedom!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Little Ky Ky

You may wonder why I would ever choose to put a picture of such a messy room on my blog, well I will tell you....

Yesterday I put Ky down to take a nap (in his crib-same as usual). Well, he just started crawling out of crib again...he first learned to do this a few months back, but after he fell once it stopped him from trying again. So anyways I put him down for a nap and closed the door, I quickly heard him jump out of the crib run over to turn on his bedroom light and pull out all of his trains. Since he can't open his bedroom door to get out, I just figured I'd have to settle on him having some alone time instead of a nap...I went about my work.

About 20 minutes later I noticed it was real quite in his room, and me trying to be stealthy, well I didn't want to open his door, so I checked under the door. I couldn't see him or hear him. Now I was curious where he had actually fallen alseep at, so I quietly opened the door, and he was sound asleep in his crib! He apparently chucked a couple trains into his crib and then climbed in and went to sleep, who knew he could climb back in! Pretty cute if you ask me!

So the picture of the room is the evidence of his 'alone play time' looks like he had a lot of fun! and the other picture I took of him when he did finally wake up (can you see the trains in his bed by the pillow? It's cute that this picture also shows his little hand playing with the ribbon of his bumper. He always twirls the ribbon to get to sleep, one day he actually twirled to hard and his finger got stuck. So I had to come in and unwind his finger.)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First day of Piano

Taran started his first day of piano, so we took a couple pictures of him before he left. He is pretty excited about it, I am sure he will do great! Taran was given Joel's musical talet instead of mine, he's a pretty good singer already and loved going to voice lesons with Joely.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Birthday Bash

We had a big birthday bash for all the November birthdays tonight at grandma and grandpa Foremasters house. We celebrated Kyler's, Raychelle's, Teresa's and grandma Barbara's birthdays (and Marg too, but she wasn't there). After a large BBQ we got out the cake, Tonya did a great job decorating it, it was a large sheet cake-half was decorated like Finding Nemo for Kyler and the other half had roses for all the girls.

All the birthday people got to take a lick of the frosting (see picture) Kyler thought this was awesome, so he tested the waters a little more..... he carefuly tried a little more, he didn't get in he took off the Nemo and ate the icing....still he didn't get in trouble, so he dipped the Nemo back in the icing to get more on it.....Now he realizes he's got control of this birthday cake thing, so he grabs a spoon nearby and digs in for a big old scoop of icing! Needless to say we all avoided that area of the cake whenit was time to cut it :)

Raychelle turned 30, so I brought her a cane..just so she could try it out, on the cane there were some signs on it like 'Caution: operator may move slowly' and 'Aint gettin' any younger' I also got her some prune juice...yum! What a good sport!

It was a really fun night filled with tons of food (as usual) and family! I hope everyone has a great birthday!

Big boy haircut

I told Joel that I was going to cut Kyler's baby hair when he turned here he is - our big boy! Taran also got his hair cut. They both look like handsome little missionaries ;) Kyler was such a handful getting his hair done, I was surpised at how efficient the lady was who did his hair; she just moved aroung with him. I don't think she missed one hair, which is nothing short of a miracle!
Taran took control of his haircut, telling the lady how he wanted it styled (I was surprised when he wanted it down and not spiked) He also told her she was taking too long and wanted to know how much longer it was going to take to get this haircut over with.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Today is Kyler's Birthday! Two nights ago we celebrated it when Joel was home, he loved the shiny tissue we used to wrap the presents in!
We love you Kyler!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Im going private soon

I want to let everyone know that soon I will be making this blog private. I don't want to exclude any friends. I will probably be making the switch next week. The reason for this is that I put so much about our family on here, my goal was to use this blog as a family journal and I worry about too many strangers being able to look at it. I will send invites next week or I'll go to your families blog to give you an invite (Taylors). Candace I don't know how to contact you though. Hopefully I won't miss anyone when I make the switch, If your worried I don't have your info, try to get it to me. Thanks Kristin

Let is snow

Right before we left SLC it began to snow, I quickly bundled the boys up to enjoy the first snow of the season. Kyler just stood there, I don't think he knew what to do. The snow wasn't sticking yet and we were ready to leave so we only spent a few minutes enjoying the flurries, but as we drove home it snowed most of the way! Between Fillmore and Beaver it was quite the storm (as it usually is between those moutain passes) I took one picture out the window. I hate driving in the snow, but I sure do love to see it. This time of year always seems so snuggly and lovey (is that a word?) It always makes me want to drink hot chocolate and spend time with family!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Metallica Concert

Last night Joel and I went to the Metallica concert at the Delta Center. We ended up with an extra ticket, so we decided it was time to corrupt the young mind of our nephew Taybor. The show was a lot of fun, I know that Taybor loved it. I wasn't lovin' either of the opening acts (maybe because I hate metal music?) But Metallica put on a great show, complete with pyrotechnics, lazer show, huge lighting effects and they even dropped about 100 inflated balls from the ceiling.

Joel and I tend to go to many concerts, we just renewed our seats for the box at Usana. I hate bragging, but I gotta say after seeing an arena show last night, Joel and I were really appericaiting Usana. This year our company purchased a VIP box at the Usana ampetheater in SLC and every show that comes there we have 6 tickets. Of course these tickets get divided out, and usually tow of those tickets to every show we use to bring clients, but it proved to be a lot of fun over this last summer. (I was just informed of how much the VIP cost and I about crapped my pants.) It's awesome because you get the great parking, dinner served before, the best seats and a personal waitress. Somehow we ended up with the best box, and I heard that Zions bank was pretty mad that we got it instead of them moving up a row (I guess they have been on a waiting list for years), okay blah blah blah. I do want to list the 2008 conecerts we got to see this year.....

The Police (This was one of my favorite shows)
Motley Crue with Buckcherry, Pappa Raoch and some others (This concert SUCKED and we left early)
Martina McBride (I took Joely along with Joels sister Tawni and her daughter Kaisia, they LOVED it)
Glenn Beck Christmas Show (okay so it's not a cencert, but there will be an orchastra. We haven't seen it yet, but we have our tickets and we are waiting for it, I'm sure it will be great)

Happy Concerting!

PS. Nate we got you your shirt, maybe I'll take a picture of it and add it later for my 'Metallica' picture :) You guys are great for watching Joely!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Reynold

We just celebrated Reynolds 65th Birthday. It was a surprise party, we all showed up dresses like old people (I know the picture of Joe is sideways but it was too funny not to add, he stuffed the front of his pants to make the classic 'front bum' it was SO funny!) Reynold is now officially old enough to get teh 'senior discounts' - he is pretty excited about that. So in honor of his new discountin' abilities we have a senior discount night. We had dinner then played some 'senior' games. The whole night was fun! After Reynold was given some very useful gifts like Depends, oversized memo pads, a cane and some other great gifts.

We love you dad!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Review

Okay, so here are some pictures of our Halloween. It started out by getting all dressed up and going to the elementary school. Joel and I are the room mom and dad for each class. We did the Kindergarten party and the third grade party, both turned out really good. However in kindergarten we made slime, and I got a recipe off the internet to make a dummy I didn't try to recipe out before going to the school, and needless to say it didn't work out and made a HUGE mess. A big sorry to Mrs. Cornwall, I'll have to try everything out next time! All in all the parties went well. Later that day we carved the family pumpkin, it turned out cute (sorry I mean scary). Finally we ended the night by getting all dressed up agian (this task alone took a lot of work, I don't think any of us wanted to get changed again!), and we went to visit all the grandparents.

Happy Halloween!