Thursday, March 5, 2009

Baby Shoes!

I found this adorable pattern online that I bought to make your own little baby shoes. So I had to buy it, I had so much fun picking out material and getting all ready to make these cute little shoes....except I dont sew. Maybe a little problem, luckily my mom came over and helped me make my first pair today and they are so cutesy! I can't wait to make more....or at least I can't wait for my mom to come back over again so I can watch her make me another pair. SO here is the first attempt at a baby shoe, I will say I did make one shoe ALL by myself!

I just added the top two pictures, I made those shoes entirely by myself...whoo hoo!

Now, I just have to make the matching hairbow and baby bracelet...and of course pray that we have a girl ;)


Emzilly said...

Those ARE cute. If you don't have a girl you could be like me and justt pretend once in a while. I can see why you were so excited.

Kenz said...

There you go again, is there no end to your creativeness? Kristen, if I could only do a fraction of what you do, then I would be happy with myself! I just love you, your great!