Saturday, November 5, 2011

A card carrying boy

5th birthdays are pretty special around here...and well, Kyler happens to be turning 5 in one hour! So today I packed up the kids and we headed to the library...Why?

Well, because at age 5 you can be an official card carrying member of the public library system. So, Kyler went to get his own card. Our friend Carrie was working, and I was so glad, because I had told Kyler that Carrie would be there to give him his card, so I was seriously hoping she would be working, phew she was!

Carrie let Kyler know that they now had cute new library cards...but Kyler wanted the standard library card that would fit into his wallet (yes, he did bring his wallet to the library)

He signed his name on his new card (my favorite part of the visit), safely tucked it into his wallet, and then promptly headed to the movie section to pick out a Thomas the Train movie.

He is quite proud of his new card, and am I. Joely and Taran told stories of when they were finally five and could get their own cards. You know it may be simple, but I sure do love traditions! I hope that one day they will get their own kids excited for the day that they too turn five and can finally go to get their own library cards!