Friday, October 31, 2008

My simple wish....

I have this friend who is seriously so know the kind of funny where they don't have to try they are just funny. My friend Robyn Peterson is that funny person, she always says things that make me laugh or even types comments that make me laugh. I feel like half the time I try to be funny to Joel, and then I have to tell him "Hey that was pretty funny,huh" or "Boy, you sure are lucky you married such a funny girl" I just want to be funny without the reminders. Well this morning I was telling Joel that I thought Robyn was funny, and he tried to make me feel better by saying to me "well at least your funny looking"..ha ha ha. Oh wait that wasn't funny. I guess I need to specify the kind of funny I want to be, and not just funny looking, thanks Joel!

So I still haven't added a photo of myself on my profile, I've been thinking about this one. I'm not a fan of myself in 'real' photos.


I am so happy, kinda like this wierd-o...oh wait thats just Joel. Well I'm as happy as he. Why, because I am the room mother for both Taran and Joelys class (I know thats crazy to do both classes) But thankfully both Halloween parties are done! Joel got home late last night. (This also makes me happy) and we were up past midnight getting everything ready for Halloween parties today. Holy Moly it takes so much work to do an hour party. I'll post pictures of the parties later.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

A day at the symphony

Today all of the third grade classes took a field trip over to the MK Cox building to see the Symphony. I was one one the mom helpers, we had a lot of fun, we took the bus over to the college...I realized I am too tall for a bus, my head almost hits the roof :) Once we got there we had to wait our turn to go in, so all the kids had to line up in the hall and sit (for about a half hour). Then we went in and listened to the symphony, I think Mrs. Pays whole class really enjoyed it. All the kids were really ecxited for the Phantom of the Opera Medally. All in all it was a great field trip. Look at how cute everyone looks all spiffed up in there Sunday clothes.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Taran had a fight with the window...

Taran had a fight with our car window and apparently lost. Today I went to pick up Taran from kindergarten, I needed to talk to Mrs. Cornwall so Taran walked down to the excursion and got in. I guess he decided to climb in the front passanger seat and roll down the window to yell at me, as his head was out the window his elbow hit the button to roll the window back up, and his head was caught in the window, this is when the sceaming started. I ran over to the car and unrolled his head and his teacher cam over to give him a hug and kiss. I've heard of fingers or hair getting stuck in the window, but this is the first head I've ever heard of getting rolled up...leave it to one of my kids! Needless to say he is doing fine, but he sure was scared. The big red line behind his ear is the evidence of his battle, it actually took some skin off!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma Foremaster!

Today is my grandmas birthday! She is the BEST! I tend to think of her more as one of my friends, I think she probably knows more about me then anyone else, unfortunatly we didn't get a chance to go over to her house today, (we had Aubrey and a full schedule today) but we did call her a couple of times! We LOVE you grandma!

Sleep over with Aubrey

We had a sleep over with Aubrey last night, here is Taran and Aubrey playing and having fun.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Welcome Jocelyn Verlyn Eves

Tonight we went to see Holli and Joes new baby girl, she is 12 hours old in these pictures, and cute as a button! She has Joes mouth, with the cutest fullest lips and lower gums just like cute. I just get so baby hungry. We picked up Aubrey, she will be with us for the next four days. When we got ready for bed Aubrey had a hard time and was really missing her mom and dad, but we called them and now she is totally happy and coloring. I'm sure she will have some hard times over the next few days, it's hard having someone new come to your family. We love you Jocelyn!

Holli had a baby!

This morning at 7:15 Holli (Joels sister) and Joe had a little baby girl (no name yet) she was 7lbs 15 oz. and week overdue! She had her at home with a midwife, and I hear it went well. I will go out there tomarrow to pick up Aubrey so that she can stay here for a few days and I'll get some pictures of the new baby and hopefully she will have a name. Grandma Stout and Grandma Eves were there at the birth of there new grandbaby.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Festival

On Friday night we had Aubrey sleep over, because Holli is 7 days passed her due date, and I thought she could use a little rest. We had fun, because she was able to come to the sheep parade and then the pumpkin festival. At the pumpkin festival the kids got to decorate cookies, go pumpkin bowling, have there faces painted, eat donuts off a string and enjoy the nice fall weather. I think everyone had a lot of fun!!

Sheep Parade

Yesterday I took the kids along with my neice Aubrey, my friend Amy and her two kids Kennedy and Owen up to Cedar City for the sheep parade. Well guess what- it was a lot of fun, at the begining of the parade there were a lot of old trailers that the sheep herders slept in, and equiptment and stuff. Kyler loved to wave at a lot of these things. There was even truck that was throwing out wool, Amy and I brought all the kids out to the middle of the road to collect some wool (it seemed like a fun show and tell item). I think we first were a little suspicious when we heard the wool clank against the pavement, it was then that we realized it was covered in matted POOP! They were actually throwing out poopy wool, disgusting! We then decided this was NOT a good thing to bring home to show people :) The best part of the parade is the finally where about 200 or more sheep come walking down center street. It was so much fun seeing all these crazy sheep being paraded down the road (of course by the time we got to this point Kyler was done being at the parade, and was more interested in the pretzels then all the sheep that were about 3 feet from him.)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I've been tagged

I was tagged by TENNILE to list 6 random things about myself.

The rules:

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1. I love the color green and orange.
2. I have very vivid and real dreams, in fact Joel has woke me up from a dream several times because I am crying. I also talk in my sleep, but I think I tend to cry the most.
3. My neighbor used to have a triantuala named Kristin. In fact I'm sure he probably went through several spiders just to be mean and name the yucky spider after me, it seems it was that way through most of middle school, and the begining of high school. (There was NO secret crush there, he just didn't like me)
4. I worry about so many things. (Am I spending enough time doing fun things with my kids, am I fulfilling my calling, are my friends and family okay, will Joel like this dinner)
5. When Grandma Stout died I felt a sense of loss, because I didnt know what to do with my spare time, I had spent so much of my time invested in being with her at the end, that I trully felt lost when she was gone.
6. I only have one lung.

These are the people I tagged. Mckenzie Hansen, Janae Bang, Raychelle Morrill, and Jenni Caine, Chanta Foremaster, Cynthia Craig

Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Party

A girl in Joely's class invited her entire third grade class over for a halloween party tonight! Joely's dressed up as Hermoine Granger (Harry Potter) Maricela made these outfits for her family last year, she's wonder woman with a sewing machine! So this year our family will be playing the parts of the Harry Potter books. I will be Proffesor McGonagal, Joel will be Albus Dumbledore, Joely is Hermione, Taran will be Harry Potter, and Kyler will be Ron Weasley. You'll just have to wait till next week to see how we all look, but I'll tell you this, Maricela spared no expense at making these outfits look AWESOME!


Joely started piano this year, she has been on a waiting list since kindergarten! I hope she does well considering I find the begining book confusing. I dont have the teeniest bit of musical talent. Joely and Taran have also been in voice lessons, but this week their teacher called and said she is moving to Monroe :( So I guess we'll just have to keep our eyes opened for a new voice teacher!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Play date with the twins

Today Taran had Brantly and Brycen over to play. I was glad to have them over because everytime I see them in the school they always say hi to me, but I could never tell them apart. Well one afternoon with them and now I can tell them apart. That's Brantly in the middle and Brycen on the side. They had fun building train tracks (yes, I finally got the box down) playing pac-man, and just being boys. We also had a picnic but the boys were too excited to play and didn't really have 'time' to eat (unless you count all the candy).

Spaghetti Shmaghetti

I know that spaghetti was not developed by a mom, there's no way that we would make such a messy food that requires not recommended but REQUIRES children to take a bath after dinner. Anyhow, Kyler loves to feed himself, he is such a big boy and he just loves messy food the best!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thinking ahead...

The kids and I are already getting excited for Christmas, Taran keeps telling me everyday what he wants Santa to bring him. Today it's a pocket knife, yesterday it was a sticky ball that you can throw and they stick to your walls. Those seem like easy enough requests, Joely suggested we write Santa now so he'll for sure have enough time to make what ever she asks for, currently she wants a bean bag, a pod (like a bean bag) and a Wii (good luck on that one). So we may be sending old St. Nick our letters really soon. I was planning on adding a pretty funny picture of Kyler, but after waiting almost a half hour for one picture to load, I decided against it!

House plans

The preliminary plans for our new house got done last night! It's so awesome, I just LOVE the house (maybe because we designed it?) Now she needs to get our approval and finish drawing up the plans. So we are still a few weeks out. Who knows when we will start building though, expecially with the economy how it is right now. We originally thought the spring, but we may wait a year or two I guess will just see how things look. None the less the house looks so perfect to me!!!

Playing cars

Kyler loves to play with cars and trains, I guess Taran has taught him well. This is Kyler trying to hand me some cars so that I could play with him this morning. I packed Tarans trains up about a month or two ago, and I can tell it's time to get that box out so that Kyler can play with all the trains now!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A day at the sandunes...

This picture isn't from today, we went to the sandunes at Snow Canyon a couple of weeks ago and had a blast. The kids kept racing up and down the dunes, the weather was perfect (which is rare for the dunes). I wish I would have taken them there a little earlier though, because once the sun began to set the little gnats were everywhere!

First attempt to add a guarantee here!

I hope this works out, if it does, it will be a picture of Taran at the Kindergarten Nursery Ryme Recital. Taran had to memorize "Sing a song of six pence, a pocket full of rye. Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie. When the pie was opened the birds began to sing. Wasn't that a dainty dish to set before the king?" He wanted to dress up like a blackbird for the recital. So the night before I quickly made him this costume. I got to admit it was pretty cute!


Welcome to my blog! I hope to keep this updated with all the fun stuff our family has been up too. I'm still trying to figure out how to add photos and stuff, hopefully I'll learn alot more in the next couple of days while messing around with stuff, until then its just going to be a little crazy!