Thursday, April 30, 2009

Snuggle school

I have told Taran that when moms and dads grow up we go to a special school called 'snuggle school' just to make sure that all moms and dads know just how to snuggle their kids right. This always causes Taran to question me, he just has a hard time believing that there really is a snuggle school. I am sure that every mom and dad knows all about it, that's why we are such good snugglers.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Im getting a new baby!

Yeah, I am getting a new sewing machine! I am so excited it's a PFAFF machine! It should be here on Friday or Monday. Trust me you'll see pictures when I get it! What an exciting day!

closer, closer, closer.....

Kyler is getting very close to being a potty trained little boy, okay so maybe not super close, but getting there! He has been making it to the bathroom at least once a day for almost a week. I am sure he would do even better if I had just ONE day when we were actually home all day, or that I wasn't feeling sick. But, none the less, he is getting better. The last two times I didn't even ask him if he needed to go he just started yelling "Poppy" and running for the toilet, climbed on and went himself!
It's cute right now he's chanting "I go poppy"

It's 'DUDE' time of year

The other day Taran found his sunglasses, he put them on and exclaimed "I look like a dude!" I agreed and laughed....Then later that same day after Kyler woke up from his nap, he too saw the sunglasses and started yelling "dude, dude" So I guess it's the time of year again, time to get out the DUDES!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pregnancy update

Upon going to the midwife today, here are the recent updates....
1.The babies heartbeat was at 123. A babies heartbeat should be between 120-160, typically a slower heartbeat means a boy and a faster indicates a girl....I am hoping my 'girl' was just sleeping so the heartbeat was slow.
2. I told her I was craving chalk (nothing new when Im pregnant) so I may need to be tested for anemia. Sure enough I was REALLY low in Iron....great thing is that now I can justify Cafe Rio Salmon Tacos at least once a week :)
3. I am in my final 10 weeks fo pregnancy, and since I usually come early, Im sure there is even less time.
4. I was able to talk her into not seeing me for 3 weeks instead of two. I hate how often you have to go in! However after that she said I have to go in every other week...hey at least I bought myself one extra week with no appointments.
5. I just remembered I forgot to tell the midwife I used the last of the toilet to be the next appointment...oops.

Emily's onsies

My friend Emily, her brother just had twins. Here are the onsies I made this morning for her to give her brother.

quilt blocks

Here are the blocks for my first quilt!

Monday, April 20, 2009

We OWN land

Yeah, I just paid my final payment on our two acres in Washington Fields, we are officially land owners!! So, what are we going to do with our property? Who knows and who cares, at least it's ours!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Finally a couple of Easter pictures (Thanks Chelle). These are from the Easter hunt at grandma Barbara's house. The kids quickly opened all their eggs as quick as they could to see who was the richest. My mom likes to add money to the eggs. I think they were more excited about the money then the candy!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

quilting and crafts

Hers is this weeks crafty projects. I made a little onsie and shoes for my little neice Jocelyn and the long strips of fabric are for a quilt I am making for Joelys room. And the final two pictures are some of the blocks I have made in a quilting class my mom and I are taking on Wednesday nights, I have to admit last night was very tough to make it through since I still have this yucky flu lingering on. I love the log cabin block and can't wait to sew some more of those, I thought I would hate those blocks because of all the ironing (I hate ironing) but they turned out to be the cutest and funnest to make. I have a lot of sewing to do this week because we are completing the quilt for our class next Wednesday.


The boys obviously stole my camera for there own photo shoot, Of the 20-30 pictures I deleted of the floor, clothes, parts of furniture, and blurry bits of skin, two pictures were actually pictures so I saved them, I am guessing these were Tarans beautiful works of art.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Joely or Kyler

I love this picture, Is it Joely or Kyler. With the wig on it's kind of hard to tell. But it's Joely at a family get together when we were doing relay races, the wig was one of the props that she just adopted as her own for the picnic! She was probably 2-3 in this picture.

Foremaster get together

For Easter we got together with my Grandma and Grandpa Foremster (middle couple) and my grandpas Brother and Sister and there families to eat and share stories of their parents it was a nice way to spend Easter. I as a habit now, seemed to have forgotten my camera so here are a couple pics I stole from Chelle. The cute Hawaiian picture, thats my sister Jessica and her boyfriend.

Friday, April 10, 2009

School Easter Parties

Is it even worth blogging about the Easter parties when I forgot my camera...the answer is YES if it started out like my day did....

Yesterday I was just feeling poopy, so I decided to go to Lins and buy some frosted sugar cookies and Capri Suns for both classes treats. I left these in the car last night (no sense walking them into the house then right back out in the morning) This morning I got to the school and unloaded the hoard of kids that I brought to school, Joely went to grab the bags of cookies to carry them into the school, and the bag broke! Cookies went everywhere in the parking lot. I stood shocked, and like the crappy mom that I am started to get mad at Joely, before realizing it was the bag that broke. (Even if it wasn't the bag that broke, it wasn't Joelys fault, but I was lacking on sleep!) So feeling stressed out, I sent Joely into the school with Taran and told her to tell Mrs. Cornwall (Tarans teacher) I had to run to Lins and get more cookies. I drive to Lins feeling like this must be the crappiest start to any morning. When I finally get to Lins I realize my purse is back at home....You've got to be kidding! So I head back out to Ivins, then back to Lins. Now I am feeling very close to a mental breakdown, the kindergarten parties would have started and I am the room mother, does it get any worse then that? Well when I am almost to Lins, Kyler informs me that he has pooped...Great! So I mentally note to buy wipes at Lins also. I go into Lins get my over priced cookies again, grab the wet wipes and go to check out. The cashier makes the same old comment they all do and says something like 'how are you doing?' or something similar to that, well that was the straw that broke the camels back...and right there in the middle of Lins I start bawling! No, not a simple little tear that creeps out of my eye, no I full on loose it! Im sure the cashier was like wow I say that to everyone and THAT never happens. I tell the lady it just been a crappy day, I grab my cookies and leave. As I am heading to the school, I made the speech up in my head that basically would be me saying sorry to leave you like this but I cant help out today. BUT, I got to the school and realized I had better go in and help out with some great parties and quite feeling sorry for myself. And that's just what I did, the parties went great, I didn't cry again. I had a great day, but I hope to avoid that Lins cashiers line for a LONG time!

Happy Easter
At least you know your Easter weekend is going to start out better then mine! :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tuachaun Choir Concert

The choir concert went so wonderfully last night. The kids had to wear poodle skirts, so mom and I made this cute skirt the night before (thanks mom) It looked SOOO cute on Joely, she even asked if she could wear it to church. The choir sang 2 songs with all the schools then each school did a solo song, Red Mountain sang a song from Greese then there were 3 more songs that they all sang together as a large group. I was so proud that Joely sang all the songs and did her actions well. Way to go Joely!

Tuachaun Choir concert practice

I went with the school choir to Tauchaun for the day to practice for their preformance later on that night. The choir did really good especially since we were the smallest choir by far! There were two choirs in red shirts ours is the little choir the the far left in the back.


This is what happens when you give Kyler a sucker....Isn't he so sweet?

Jade's baby gift

This is the first baby set I have made for a gift, I can't wait to see it on baby Jade.

Monday, April 6, 2009

What a weekend

We just returned from a trip over the weekend to SLC. Right before leaving my nephew and his wife had their first baby.. Jade Marilee Sherrett. She had to go instantly to the NICU and I was headed to SLC, so I wasn't able to see her until Sunday, when they kindly met me at McDonalds in Beaver (me heading home and them heading up to American Fork) So I was able to see her, she was so beautiful...but I forgot my camera.

Friday Joels sister Juli got married to Ryan Herzog. It was a beautiful wedding and reception, I still can't believe I forgot my camera!!

We stayed in Joels apartment in SLC over the weekend and watched conference. It was so nice and relaxing, I love that Joel has an apartment now, it just makes visiting so much nicer!

Sunday after the first session of conference Joel found out he had to go to Reno, so I went to Marg's house to visit her and the kids before heading home, and mom was staying there for the weekend. Kelly was recently bitten by a brown recluse spider and had been in the hospital for the last week and a half, the venom had gone into his bone. So, they had put a pic line in to administer meds at home for the next 6 weeks. I was there when he was supposed to do his daily meds, half way through his med dose he said he felt like his heart was going to explode, then he turned white and fell to the ground. I called 911 and the paramedics quickly came. It was such a crazy experience. Anyhow, today they went to the hospital to get tests done on what happened yesterday and the tests confirmed that his heart actually stopped!

What an adventurous weekend! We did have a lot of fun being able to see so much family and we hope that Kelly does better!