Monday, August 31, 2009


Kyler has done some pretty funny things this week. Okay so most should make me a little upset,but I cant help it I find some of his 'capers' down right funny!

The other day I found a towel in the toilet, I thought it was odd but I just washed it without giving it too much thought, well this morning Kyler was in going to the bathroom and I find out that he had used a towel instead of toilet paper...I guess from now on if there is a towel on the ground in the bathroom I may need to assume that it's been used as a premium toilet paper :)

A few days ago Kyler was taking a bath, I hadn't put his bubbles in yet...I walked out of the bathroom for a few minutes, and I see Kyler naked running from the fridge to the bathroom. I go in and he is adding Hershey's syrup to the tub, I guess he figured it was a good substitute for bubbles :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

New School!

The first days of school at Vista...well the temporary location at the Dixie Center. The kids all look so nice in their uniforms! Joely loved the first day of school and Taran did too, he did tell me however that 'he only had to cry twice.' Me in my kind mother advice told him 'Buck up buddy, your in first grade now'

The kids will ride a bus to the Dixie Center. So for the first two days I pu them on the bus and followed them to the Dixie Center to make sure they got to class and then also came to the school after school to make sure they got on the bus again and I followed to the bus back out to Ivins.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

cool giveaway

check out all the stuff you win on this blog....just dont take away from my chances to win....he he he!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Taran Bo Baran

Joely Bowly

Parlee at one month

More of Parlee.

A couple of weeks ago my sister in law took some pictures of Parlee at one month old....boy time goes by a little too fast. I love the pictures and I love our little girl!

Parlee's tutu dress

Here is the tutu dress I made for Parlee's 1 month pictures. I loved the little hearts on the bum :)

iS tHiS nOrMaL??

This is Kyler's newtest thing to be funny. Him with his booster seat strapped to him walking around the house.

Quilt block #1

I have signed up to make some quilt blocks and exchange them with people across the US...and even some are going to other countries, in return I will be getting a block from them, everyone is doing the same patterns, the 'scrappy hedgerow block' and they are all to be done with christmas colors or fabrics, so at the end we will have different blocks that we can make our own scrappy christmas quilt. It has been fun preparing to make my blocks, the pictures of unfinished blocks, those are mine. The picture of the two finished blocks and the 'stuff' was the first one I received. When I checked the mail today I had a little package I quickly came home and opened it, it was from Lynda in Maine, and not only had she sent me the two quilt blocks but she had also included a postcard , key chain and pin from Maine along with a card and a fat quarter of Christmas material! What a fun surprise, I cant wai to get more and get mine sent off!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Joely's a golf cart driver!

Joely just called me....she is up in SLC for the week with Joel. Anyhow today Joel took her golfing and she got to drive the golf cart, she told me she almost drove of a little cliff and almost ran into two fences :) So if anyone if looking for a caddy and golf cart driver, Joely's your girl. She wont ever officially wreck, just 'almost' wreck!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Beach

I am finally posting our SLC the time we came home from our second trip to SLC, Parlee had spent half of her life in Salt Lake! I guess she better get used to traveling in the car, because she was born into a family that seems to always be going! One of the things we did was go to the beach! For as NEATO- FREATO as I think splash pads are I think the beach's in SLC may just be cooler! The night before this picture was taken we had taken the kids t the beach in Herriman, but the one that's in Daybreak and only about 4 blocks from Tawnis house (these pictures were from Daybreak) was just a way cooler beach! It has two docks that the kids can jump off of, they have tons of beach sand for building castles, and the water is not too deep, so people like me dont even have to get in the water!!!

I did it!

While in SLC I was seriously missing my sewing machine..2 weeks apart was hard :) So I borrowed my neices sewing machine and made Parlee a dress, it had several mistakes, but I didnt have a pattern, I have never made any clothing item before, and it was my first time using elastic all in all I was rather proud of it. I later made a black and white dress for her, I'll post that when I take a picture of her in it.

Grandpa Wille

While we were in SLC, Joels grandpa was diagnosed with colon cancer and given 6 weeks (they said that was being generous with the time) so we spent some time with him. He has some of the best stories and is always being silly with the kids, I hope this isnt our last time visiting with him.

New Temple

I dont even have the slightest clue how to spell the name of the new SLC Valley temple. It located just a couple blocks from Tawnis house, and it's beautiful. We werent able to make it to the open house, due to being pregnant and having a teeny little baby.

Copperton Park

While in SLC we went to Copperton to BBQ with Tawnis family....They had the BEST park there. I am thinking that a great park is one that has old toys that as a parent when you look at them you think 'Man, a person could really get hurt here!' Thats the requirements of a fun park! Tawni, Joel and I slid down the old metal slides backwards and had races....just about anything that the kids said we 'wouldn't' do because we were to 'old' well we DID it, and had a blast! The BBQ was great, frisbee was fun and the park was completely entertaining!

Salt Lake County Fair

We took the kids to the SLC county fair. I remember going as a kid and thinking it was a blast, but now it cost 4$ a ride, so for our family to go on ONE ride it costs 20$....Can you believe that 20$ for about 2 minutes on a crappy ride thats in the dirt, who would have thought that going to Disneyland is the cheeper way to go? Needless to say we only had the kids go on a couple rides and then told them we would take them somewhere else while we were in SLC!