Sunday, October 23, 2011


Both bikes have now been found! The police found Joely's bike tonight! Yeah Ivins Police department!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


I still need to add Tarans picture, but its on Joels phone....

Anyhow, this year we had the honor of taking Joely and Taran to conference! I took Joely to the Saturday morning session and Joel took Taran to the Sunday afternoon session. It was so fun to be able to spend some time with our kids and let them hopefully get a little more out of conference.

Joely and I left from Draper two hours before the session, just to make sure we would be there on time...and with all the fun adventures we had (dont I always have those?) we barely made it, we were seated on the balcony on the LAST row! And I may have shown up with a few tears running down my face because I wasnt sure we would make it, and had shin splints for a few days from running so much in heals....aahh we love an adventure around here!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The one about bikes and toots

What a crazy few days its been around here!

To start with, poor Kyler has been feeling awful lately. But it's been a rather odd, he would be fine in the mornings, a little tired, but nothing too major. He'd say his tummy hurt and lay around a lot. Then by the afternoon, he would be on the ground curled up crying and then just as quick he would fall asleep. This happened for several nights in a row, and he fell asleep in various places, like the bathroom floor, doctors offices, waiting room, cars, the couch, every floor of our house, bench at church...etc etc.

We decided if t lasted on Monday we would bring him to the doctors, and needless to say Monday he did much better...then Tuesday afternoon it came back. So I rushed him to the Instacare, where he had this x-ray taken...all the black is air. He was filled with air...a compacted gas issue. I was relieved it was anything to do with the appendix. Needless to say as the night wore on, his condition got worse. The doctor informed me the if Kyler woke up crying again or had a fever I needed to immediatly get him to the emergency room to have a tube put into his intestines to release the gas (sounds painful)

Well, last night he did get worse But I was also dealing with 4 other kids who had some form of sore throat, chapped lips (yes Joely woke up with this), parlee waking up crying for me to hold her, or I was stuck nursing. So, with Joel being gone I just kept putting off going in until each crisis was delt with. Finally at 2:30 am when Kyler went to sleep, I told myself the next time he wakes up, we are heading into town...and to my luck he slept through the rest of the night.

Today was spent in much confusion, talking to doctors and trying to get Kyler to feel better. He wouldnt eat or drink. Luckily about 6 pm we had a break through and he is improving!

We spent the day making up 'poopy-tootie' songs to try and make passing gas and having a bowel movement seem like a 'cool' thing to do :-)

What a long couple of days!

Then to top it off Joely and Tarans bikes were stolen last night! The even rode them yesterday afternoon. ***update*** while typing this the police department called and they have located Tarans bike down by Amber Estates!