Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Are you serious???

hmmm, how to start this story......

Today I went to see my midwife. I have been having a lot of pain, due to the head being so low and sitting on my pubic bone. So the midwife told me next time I came and Joel was in town to have him come and she would show him a way to relieve the pain....Me, I was thinking great, I am all for anything that will take away this pain that I have never felt on any of my other pregnancies.

She warned us it was weird.

So, today we show up, I wore my jogging suit pants, like I was instructed, my midwife has me lay down on the bed, and shows Joel how he will sit below me (of course she is doing this) and use the arch of her foot to basically KICK my pubic bone up. She does it, and asks me to stand up, and asks if everything is all better. Me feeling like an idiot, and thinking I just got kicked in the crotch of course I dont feel better tell her "NO" So she has me lay down and showed Joel a basic resistance stretch...blah blah blah, and then Kicks me again! It hurt!

I swear I felt like I couldnt walk to the car, and my midwife is gleaming like she was an answer to my prayers. All day I've been telling Joel how bad I hurt, I keep saying "It's like I have been kicked in the crotch, Oh wait I WAS kicked in the crotch, TWICE"

Needless to say I told Joel I will deal with the old pain, I dont think the old pubic bone kick was very sucsessful. A part of me wonders if it has worked on anyone, or after the second kick if everyone is like, yeah sure it feels better, and thinking please dont kick me again!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

We're so glad when daddy comes home!

The kids always make huge lists of games they want to play and things they want to do when Joel gets home, it seems that they have every second plus more planned out for him! Luckily Joel is always willing to play games, give piggy back rides, play hide and go seek and what ever else they have on their agenda.

Sugar Loaf

The kids have always loved hiking on the Sugar Loaf, so after school on the last day of school, we went and got some Jimmy John sandwiches and enjoyed hiking around in the beautiful overcast weather!

Last Day of School Luau

My final party as a room mom for this year was Joelys Luau (I forgot to get pictures of Tarans final party on Wednesday, or the field trip to the park and water party for the third grade on Tuesday....but they were both fun too)
For the Luau, we had the kids come dressed in Hawaiian clothes if they wanted to, we gave everyone a lei, we made fruit kabobs, played limbo, listened to Hawaiian music, had some fun drawing fro prizes and just had fun enjoying the last day of school!
It was sad leaving the school for not only the last time of the year, but the last time, as next year we will be going to the new Carter school, we have loved Red Mountain elementary and it was sad to go!

moms quilt

Mom borrowed my machine for the week and made this beautiful quilt. She even made up the pattern!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Okay, so this isnt a great picture, but when I went to upload the pictures off my camera, I thought I had some of Joelys new headgear, and I didn't. But she had taken one on Photo Booth, so I stole it.

Joely got a headgear this week, luckily she only has to wear it at night, I remember how uncomfortable they were! Her othrodontist told her she would have to work up to wearing it for 12 hours, but Joely wore it for the full 12 hours the first night, and has since she got it. I swear braces in elementary school are the best, she loves her braces and was excited to get her head gear...could a mom ask for anything better then that?

Kindergaren Graduation

Today was kindergarten graduation, and what a blast it was! The kindergartners sang a bunch of songs, Taran was sure to do his actions good and he sang loud! Grandma Foremaster came and gave him a card with ten dollars in it (the highlight of his day) He even got a diploma! He really enjoyed Mrs. Cornwall's class and excelled in school this year, he even got placed in the gifted learners class for kids that were significantly above there grade level!


Taran is in T-Ball this year, with a team almost completly made up from kids in our primary, the coach is even one of our primary teachers! Monday was their first game, and it was obvious that I hadn't helped Taran understand the game well enough. He always seemed to get 'lost' going from second base to third base, and ended up in the outfield somewhere, he would then get distracted and never made it to third base the entire game!! Luckily our second game was on Wednesday and I drew him pictures of how the bases looked before the game, then I had Joely walk the bases with him before the game started, and it payed off! He scored three points for his team...way to go Taran!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

New couch

Here's our new couch! I had to do some re-arranging in the front room, but I think it turned out well. You gotta love the old couch that's still in our front room too...It's just theater seating :) In case your wondering what Taran is doing he is making a giant airplane out of a quilt!

Mary Ellens mothers day quilt

Here is the first quilt I have actually finished and made all on my own (nope I still haven't bound my quilt I made in my class yet) Dont look to close there are plenty of mistakes, but it was fun to make, and I was even able to machine quilt it with my new machine!!! I'm hoping the second picture shows the cool swirlies I can do while machine quilting on the new PFAFF.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mothers Day/Braden birthday

We went to grandmas house for a mothers day dinner and to Celebrate Bradens third birthday. The kids loved the blow up animals!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

and now,

Well, another prenatal visit has come and gone, my next appointment is in two weeks, then I'm already down to weekly appointments! So here's the update...
1. The baby was measuring at 34 weeks, I am only 32 1/2 weeks. This is weird for me, because I ALWAYS measure small. In fact 34 weeks is as big as I have ever measured, which made this happen....
2. We bumped up the due date to only six more weeks, that's going to be here FAST!
3. Iron levels were up 2 points, but when the level was as crappy as mine, it doesn't mean too much because I am still way low, Maybe I should just go eat the chalk...Ok confession I actually licked a piece of chalk the other day and it was gross, I don't know why, even when I know that, it still looks SO yummy.
4.She said the baby's head is already low and sitting on my pubic bone, I was thinking I could have told you that, I cant hardly move and I waddle, No matter what waddling is NEVER attractive, but I waddle!
5. I bought myself some relaxing CD's for delivery!
6. I keep having dreams that this baby is going to come early and unexpectedly fast, I already gave two of my neighbors a heads up that I dreamed they were going to deliver my baby, sorry Robyn and Deborah!
7. I'm getting EXCITED! (though I hope the dreams don't come true)
8. Oh yeah, and the heart beat was significantly faster this time, who knows it could be a girl or a boy!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The comings and goings of our house....

Well, my camera broke :( It's an aweful time to not have a camera, beacause of all the end of year activities....But here is what has been going on without the camera.

Joely was involved in the schools biography fair, she chose to do her report on AA Milne. We both learned a lot and I think she enjoyed the biography fair ( I had to ditch out early because I got sick)

Joely also had their spring choir concert, there were 10 different songs that the choir sang. I was glad they got to wear their fifties outfits again, at least I know that skirt got 2 chances to be worn! Kyler was a pill during the recitaal and even ran up on the stage to stand next to Joely...needless to say he spent the rest of the concert in the hall!

Taran completed his 'kindergarten crayons' and was able to go to the kindergarten water and ice cream party, they did the party on Saturday over at the new Ivins splash pads, so all the kids had a blast!

Joely and Taran had their piano recital. Joely played When the Saints go Marching In, and Taran played The Dragon. The both did very well. They are improving a lot Joely's song had a lot of chords in it, and Tarans had four sharps in it. So they are both getting better at the piano which makes me very happy!

I am proud of what Taran and Joely have accomplished this year, it amazes me that they have learned anything with me being so sick this year, but somehow they have! Way to go kids!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

DaTe DaY!

Joel couldn't make it to Father and Sons, so we decided to do our own DATE DAY! Joel and the boys went out for the day, they went hiking, to Pasta Factory bowling and bike riding. Joely and I went out to eat at Chili's, shopping and to get her hair cut and styled in a fancy up-do, then for ice cream. What a fun day we all had, now Joel is at the water park with Joely and Taran (there goes the 20$ hairdo) So I quickly took some pictures of Joelys cute hairdo before the water washes it all away.

American Idols concert

Last night grandma Barbara took Joely to Taucahn to see the American Idols concert, and she had a BLAST! They got some autographs and a CD, and Malinda Doolittle even joked around with Joely. Thanks mom I know she loved it!


Here are my moms and my quilts from the class we took, they turned out so cute. Her's is the cute spring quilt mine looks like fall. We had them machine quilted at the end, which was fun, all thats left is the binding. It makes me want to take another class just looking at them!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Primary Carnival

Last Saturday we had our Primary Carnival, it was all centered around the Articles of Faith. There were six stations for the kids to go to, they would do an activity and had a chance to learn Articles of Faith along the way. I was excited to do this activity, but I have to say it turned out even BETTER then I expected, by far it was the best Quarterly Activity we have had! We had kids learning SO many Articles of Faith, the rooms all looked super cute to. Unfortunatly I didn't get a chance to take pictures of all the classrooms, I gave my camera to Brother Anderson and he took lots of pictures until the battery ran out :(

Cheese Head

The second Kyler sees my camera he gets such a cheeser face on, he even poses, he had to sit on his truck for a picture, one was by Joely's bike, holding the chalk, etc etc. Here are a couple of his cheesers.