Thursday, March 31, 2011

Funny things

Kyler is the kind of kid that says things that just throw you off. He always keeps me on my toes for sure! The other day out of the blue this conversation happened

Kyler: Mom, did you know crackers are good for you?

Me: Are they?

Kyler: Yeah, do you remember when you were in Heaven and Jesus said "Hey, crackers are good for you"

Me: laughing too hard to respond.

Seriously I never know what is going to come out of that kids mouth.

Lately the word he has been mis-using is BUSY. I wonder exactly how many definintions he has for this word! He says things like this

me: Kyler did you have an accident in your pull-up last night?

Kyler: Yeah, Im just so busy at night it makes me have accidents

me: totally confused!

Usually busy is just a way of saying who cares, or I dont want to, or why should I. I it never seems to make sense or fit in the sentence. it's pretty funny though.

Other things Kyler says ALL THE TIME is

"Oh my gosh" but he says gosh with his funny little way, the other day I heard Parlee running around saying "gosh, gosh, gosh"

Kyler also says "what the heck" for everything....if he is eating cereal he will say "what the heck, I love this cereal"

This made me think of a couple cute things Taran used to say that still live on in our house....When he was younger he used to say "what the Lamanite" it used to make us laugh so hard that we all say "what the Lamanite" all the time.

Another time when Taran was really young, we were driving and he had a little fart, he quickly exclaimed that he had "A poopy burp" Ok that one still makes me laugh even as Im typing it. I love that a 'poopy burp"

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A lost tooth

Okay so as a kid I NEVER LOST TEETH! Seriously I lost my first tooth in 2nd grade and the next that I lost on my own was in middle school....all the others were removed from the dentist, Taran may be following in my foot steps. About a month ago he lost his first tooth...he is in second grade!

Here's his first lost tooth

Look who is eleven!

Eleven years ago we were blessed with a sweet little girl. Joel and I often talk about how clueless we were as first time parents, yet how fun it was to be a new mom and dad!

In 11 years, Joely has grown A LOT! Her actual birthday was pretty low key, she got to choose where we went to dinner, she chose The Brick Oven since we had only been there twice, then on Saturday we had a party for her...

We played some fun games, and made washer necklaces, hairbows and snack 'carrots' filed with candy. It turned out to be a great day! (and tiring for us parents,entertaining is a lot of work!) I always think that we wont have enough activities to fill up the time, and then I find that I have way to many and no time to take pictures!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Can a person be allergic to being pregnant?

I think I am!

Seriously I know I've said this with every pregnancy, but I really dont think my body responds to pregnancy well! Im getting these awful mouth sores, besides how bad they hurt they are swelling up and distorting my face! Today one of my neighbors came over and right when I opened the door she looked at me and said "oh my gosh Kristin did you know your face is all swollen?" and she's not the only one. Last night two other people mentioned my grossly distorted face. Someone commented that it looked like I got braces, someone else said it looks like a really bad lip enlargement. I agree! The other crappy thing is that I cant hardly eat or drink and brushing my teeth is like murder (yes I still do that though) everything I do makes my mouth bleed.

So starting tomorrow I am going on an alkaline diet to see if that helps. I guess you could say I tried the choclolate cake diet today, since thats all I ate today ;-)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Excursion adventures

Is it just me?
Sometimes I swear I feel like i have the best luck....HA!

It started innocently enough with me getting a new car battery for my excursion less then a week ago, because my car was having a hard time starting up.

Then Monday I went back to have both my batteries tested again, because the problem was still there, I found out I needed a new starter.

Okay so Tuesday I went into get my new starter for my car. That problem was solved. All is well in the car world again.

Enter Wednesday:

I picked the kids up from school and decided to quickly run into town before i had SEP's at the school. Joely and I noticed a random funny sound in my car, but it only happened sporatically. Then when we hit about the baseball fields, there was the loudest cracking popping sound.

You know the kind of sound where you know that it cant be anything good happening. So I pulled into the baseball fields. I checked under the car, and saw a lot of antifreeze and smoke....POOPY!

So I called Joels dad to come out and save me.

Needless to say the verdict was far worse then either Reynold or I imagined. I blew the water pump, but when it blew it completely dislodged, shooting into the fan. The fan broke, and one of the blades went flying into the radiator! So, the damage looks like a new water pump, new fan and a whole new radiator....of course once we get further into the car we may find that other blades from the fan did further damage (seriously hoping not).

What a crazy day in excursion land!