Friday, January 29, 2010

Little helpers

Yesterday I took pictures of my newest project for the SYTYC. I used my friend in the pictures, then after took a few pictures of Emma and Mason, what good helpers, and climbers too!


When I was younger mom used to make this 'stuff' for us to play with...I decided to make some for the kids. They loved it! Later I showed it to Joel and he thought it was cool too. We tried to give it a name, but haven't found one....It's the weirdest stuff, it cracks and is hard, yet when you have it in your hand it 'melts' everywhere....

The secret ingredients
thats it!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I know I love to talk...but do i love to give talks? I dont know but I sure have been doing a lot of them lately. I just finished the New Beginnings for the YW in the Ivins 1st ward (not my ward). I had a talk all written out for it, yet just couldnt get the confirmation that it was right....then today a few hours before YW's I called Jennifer (YW president in that ward) and said that I just didnt feel like the talk I was assigned was the talk I was supposed to give....not that I really had an alternative either mind you. But I went there and I think i gave the talk I was supposed to give...did that make sense? Anyhow I think it turned out great and I hope the girls got something out of it too!....I wish I would have got a picture of the hand out's I gave the young women. I made them each a singed flower hairbow, it was placed on a stick with the scripture of the new theme. They turned out really cute I thought.

Here are some pictures of my room from the talks I gave on Saturday. I thought the room turned out great. My SIL Farah made these awesome signs for me, and I made a periodic table of family home evening talk was on family home evenings....for those of you who hang around me enough, you know I always need a theme. So I made my own theme up for this talk, it was based on a lab. Complete wiht the periodic table, warning signs and another sign on the door that said Professor Stout FHE lab. I had beakers with food coloring and dry ice in them (I thought those were really cute)...I even wore a labcoat, blue dish gloves and safety glasses. I thought the room turned out great. i was however speaking the same time as Hyrum Smith, a doctor, a child phycologist and other great speakers so it was a little nerve racking...but at least it's done with!

It's Derby time

Pine wood derby that is...

I love the pine wood derby and last night we had our ward pine wood derby. We had a wonderful turn out. I didnt get any real race pictures, but the one of Taran and Kyler. The boys loved watching the derby, I hope Taran was getting some tips on how to make his future race car...."The wasp" was the fastest car their, but all the cars looked great. We even had some ferari's.

The awards were about as great as the race.

The one with the rear view mirrors was for 'best looking'..cute

and there was the 'tire' for 'burning rubber'...can you imagine having to bring that huge tire home, because Im sure my boys would insist it went in their room!

There were some pretty funny awards, and every boy 'won' something. I sure with all the parts from the awards the boys could actually build a real car!

Oh yeah and here was my new councilors husband made fun of me for taking a picture...he'll learn. I take pictures of everything, including my twinkie derby cars!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Some fun with the girls ;-)

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I hate's really hard for me to get used to things when they get changed around....and changes have been happening around here. A couple weeks ago I got a call from the bishop asking if I was sitting down. (Nope, I wasnt I was stuck on my wall phone) The Bishop informed me that my 2nd councilor Lori Borrowman would be going into a new Relief Society presidency. It's so sad loosing a member of the primary presidency...and trust me I have lost A LOT! I do find it funny that this is the third person I have lost to a presidency....Jennifer Anderson to the 1st ward Young Womens president. Robyn Peterson to our YW President an now Lori to the RS. The final Sunday in primary with Lori was a difficult one, we sat in the back and cried like a bunch of babies. Lori I am going to miss working with you!

I do have a new councilor though, and I am getting very excited to get to know her, it's Bethany Scott....which makes me laugh that now the 3 other people in my presidency are all in the ward choir and great singers, and then there is me ;-)

Well, here is to change and trying to love that which is hard for me.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chipped tooth

Aahh, today I chipped my tooth!!! On what? My other tooth!!! Has anyone every chipped a tooth, it makes the weirdest noise. I was driving and seriously had a mini nervous breakdown, I visualized it may look like this picture (nope, thats NOT me) but you actually cant even see it, but I can feel it...can you sandpaper a chipped tooth so it doesn't feel rough?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

So you Think your Crafty

I hope you all go and check out the projects on 'So you think your Crafty' I cant tell you which one is mine....but I hope you all go vote....Also feel free to check out my other blog here You can read the bio's (mine included) here.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Maricela (my sister in law) is doing all the pictures for the labor and delivery floor of the hospital. Here are some of Parlee she will be using! Seriously arent they adorable! Parlee is now six month old too, perfect timing for new pictures!

Friday, January 1, 2010

how to make your picture bigger on blogger

I have been wondering how to make pictures bigger on blogger ( i just love how that sounds) I found another blog that answered my question, go check it out here.