Sunday, May 30, 2010

So here it is.....


After a month or two, I am finally updating my blog....Here's the latest of whats going on at the Stout home....

I have a new calling as Girls Camp Director (Im very excited for it) These are all the surf boards I made Joel cut out for camp (what a great guys he is)

We checked out the Iron Man...way awesome, but I felt like I couldn't complain about walking back to the car after watching all the athletes ;-)

Had a voice lesson concert....Miss Holt was Taran and Joelys voice lesson teacher, she is getting married and moving to SLC, so they wont have her next year ;-( She has been wonderful for them! For the recital they both sang Chucu, a Portugese song.

Hiked around Snows Canyon

Had a choir concert for Joely and Taran

Taran had a musical theater/Dance performance....he was the Beanstalk and cow in the play "Jack and the Beanstalk" ..his only line was "Moo" ahh, we were so proud.

Joel had surgery on his nose....I loving call it his 'nose job' It looked ouchie to say the least..and Im sure he will be so happy to see these pictures posted.

Joely was in the play Alice and Wonderland, she performed 3 nights as a rock lobster and a cardsman

We planed a garden, because the kids learned the Primary song "The Prophet said to plant a garden" and they asked why we didnt have i quickly remedied that!

Mom and I made bonnets and aprons with the YW so they would be styling on the Trek.

Joels been home a lot, so we have been loving the family time (and not blogging) all in all

Life is Good!