Saturday, December 27, 2008

Just the way it goes

The Wednesday before Christmas - on December 17th, I had a not so fun day. Is that even a way to describe the kind of day I had? I dont think so, but that's just what it was.

Anyhow, I had a miscarriage. I was 4 days shy of being three months pregnant, it was a rather scary time, and something I hope to never exereince again. The good news is that I am also still pregnant, the baby we lost was a twin. I think this poses a lot of mixed emotions, some I am sure I haven't delt with yet, but I greatful right now to still be pregnant, and we have seen our healthy baby kicking around on several different ultrasounds we have had in the past week.

I wonder if it would have better to know we had twins before the miscarrage or if it is better this way? Who knows, I guess it's just the way it goes!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Wow, lots of Snow!

What a great week for bringing in the holiday spirit! We just keep getting snow, and I LOVE it. There is something about snow that just makes me want to make some hot chocolate and snuggle up! The first day it snowed my kids all grabbed bowls and spoons and ran out side to scoop up some snow. Kyler kept telling us he needed 'food' then he would go outside and scoop up more snow, then run inside to eat it or play with it. The older kids tried to fill there bathtub up with snow, so they could play in it without being as cold as they would be if they were outside.

The bowls of snow tradition started when I was young, I was in Primary Childrens Medical Center for a nice chunk of my youth, one time there was a snow storm, and all I wanted to do was play in the snow, but I was confined to my room. So a very nice male nurse went outside and filled up a pan (I think it was actually a bed pan) with snow and brought it in my room for me to play with, he also added some fun medical stuff like thermomator covers to use when I made a little snow man (the thermomator covers where my snowmans arms). I remember very vividly how happy I was to build my own snowman, and hence the tradition of playing with snow inside began. Of course my children don't know about me playing with snow in a hospital room, but they have always brought in little bowls of snow and made snowmen in the kitchen or gone for a larger snow creation in the bathtub. I think I will always be greatful to so many people who cared for me when I was in the hospital as a kid!

Christmas Tree

On Saturday we finally got our Christmas tree up! With Joel working out of town we dont always get decorations up when we would like to, but we have officially let the holiday spirit come to our home too!

Rockin' Santa

We have this rocking Santa...which I will say is hands down the most annoying decoration anyone could own, but thats besides the point.

Last year when we got Santa out little Kyler who was just one year was terrified of this demonic Santa. He would just scream, yet he just sat there afraid to move from the Santas evil glare, sadly Joel and I found this all quite entertaining and at times we would turn it on just to watch his reaction (I know it's mean, but unless you saw him you just wouldn't know how funny it really was)

Well this year, we got Santa out again and Kyler must have forgot the fear he felt, because he is obsessed with our rockin' Santa. He just lays there watching Santa and always has it playing! I guess a lot can change in just one year!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

10 weeks

Today marks 10 weeks in my pregnancy! Yeah, I am a quarter of the way through this! 10 down 30 to go... :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Book review

Joel gets home tonight...In a couple of hours, so I decided I had better get my book read and quick! We have so much to get done this weekend that I knew reading just wasn't going to fit in the schedule, and those of you who know me realize I can't start a book and not finish I read 'A Thousand Splendid Suns' it was a great book, for those of you who have read this Kite Runner, I will say that I only cried two times in this book. I think I cried about every chapter in The Kite Runner! It was a such a well written book, even thought I find myself googling different things when I read one of his books, like what is a burqa that the women wear or what does a pakol look like. Where there really budda statues built 1500 years ago (bamiyan) that the Taliban dystroyed? So I find myself being very poorly educated in the custom's and history or even current event of Afganistan when I read one of his books, yet I find myself wanting to know more. He writes in such a way that I always feel the loss of heaviness placed in his characters life, yet my life is at exact opposits to these characters, I find myself crying with them. I hope this book gets read by others! Thanks Teresa for the recomendation! PS I think I am going to watch the series Lost on DVD, so I may be on a reading break for a bit, but I'd love a referal for a great book when I'm done zoning out in front of the TV.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Thousand Splendid Suns

I had mentioned the next book I panned on reaing was a Thousand Splendid Suns, by Khaled Hosseini the same man who wrote the Kite Runner. We'll I finally bought the book again. I bought it the day after Thanksgiving,( it was my only Black Friday purchase) and somehow I lost it the next day. I have searched high and low for it. I don't understand how a book can just disappear, but it did. I figured it would eventually pop up, but reluctantly I just went and bought it again last night. I hope someone else decides to read it also, because nothing is better then discussing a book once it's done.

Happy Reading.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Glenn Beck

This last weekend we traveled up to SLC to see the Glenn Beck Christmas show. We went with on and Maricela, Reynold, Mary Ellen, Grandpa Wille and Tawni, Cheri was also there but she went with her Dr's office as a work party. We had a great time and enjoyed the Christmas message.

PS. Yes, my hair is brown in this picture and not blonde, no I diddn't change it, this picture is from when we went to see it last year.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Just plain old SICK!

So I guess now that it's not a secret that I am pregnant, that must mean that I can vent on being pregnant...right?

I am just plain old sick and tired of being sick and tired! I think I have thrown up just about EVERYWHERE, including a restraunt parking lot as we were walking out (and yes there were people outside waiting to go in) Albertsons parking lot, Jacob Hamblin home, My mother in laws front yard on her fake flowers, and no I didn't tell her. Those are some of the better places, then again I throw up almost everyday at home, even this morning when I was taking a shower! Yep, it sucks! Tarans teacher told me the other day that he says he has been sick alot and thinks he may throw up, I had to let her know that he is just fine and that I am pregnant...that explained everything :)

So, I am greatful to be pregnant, but I am not loving all the sickness that accompanies it!

Kyler is always right there to watch me throw up saying "ew, gross" At times I feel like my body is too tired and worn down to be doing another pregnancy and yet I am not too old, I wonder if others have felt that way, or maybe it just means that perhaps this will be our last baby. Who knows.