Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tuacahn Saturday Market

We finally made it to the Tuacahn Saturday Market. Joel went golfing this morning so mom, grandma and the kids and I headed up to Taucahn, we ae breakfast and checked out the little shops. It was a fun way to pass the morning, of course we all threw a penny in the water and wished for a healthy baby, or for a brother or sister. Hopefully those pennies will do the trick and we will be able to meet the newest member of our family soon.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Watching the days go by

Each day keeps passing by and still no baby. We have decided that each day we need a plan of something to do, I keep hoping we will break our pans, but so far no such luck. Today we went to the park with our friends the Vaughns, and yesterday we went to the waterpark with them. We have also one and seen UP and taken the kids to the driving range. Tomorrow my mom and grandma are going to go to the Tuacahn Saturday Market, and I hope I am not coming up with things to do next week. Officially at 8:30 this morning I have been pregnant longer then any other time. Granted I still have 8 days until the original due date (July 4th), but the new due date has come and gone.

My midwife was thinking I may be overdosing on Iron and vitamin pills, so for the last few days I have only been on wheatgrass juice, and honestly I think I am feeling a lot better then I have in about two weeks. I wouln not have been surprised if I was overdosing, she had me on SO MANY different prenantals, floradix Iron, two other 'green' pills, digestive enzymes, 2 oz. wheat grass, fiber and a calcium magnesium citrate. I felt like a walking drug store, and yet my Iron was still always going down. So maybe my Iron may be plummeting once again, but at least I feel a little better.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Poppy Quilt

I have finally finished my little girl quilt...hmmm kind of thinking I wont get my little boy quilt done in time! I love the machine quilting on the quilt I did like flowers and swirls around the outer border (purple) and really tight squigglies for the white inside of the quilt, I think it turned out fun!


A couple of days ago Joel went and bought the kids there own golf clubs. Joely has the most adorable golfing bag thats pink...SO CUTE. Se has a driver, a fairway driver, two irons and a putter, they are all pink and her bag is just like dads (the kind that stand up on their own) Taran has a little blue set, it has a driver, and iron and a putter and it's in a little blue bag that goes over his shoulders...they are so stinkin' cute. Joel also got a new set of Calloway clubs. He has been taking the kids to the driving range to practice, they have been loving it! Last night Kyler and I went with them to check out our two new golfers in the family! If I ever decide to learn how to golf, I hope I can find a set thats pink like Joelys!!

June 23rd (the new due date is today)

update: I am only slightly more dialated, and now effaced 50% the head is becoming engaged....but who knows how long this could continue :) She didnt have me go and do more blood work. Im not complaining because I have a nasty old bruise from the last time, I was affraid if I had to do the other arm today I may start looking like a junkie :) Thats a picture of me today

Friday, June 19, 2009

June 19th

A couple days ago at my last Prenatal appointment, my Iron had dropped to 8 points, as a result my midwife informed me she could not deliver my baby because my blood levels were so bad I would hemorage during delivery. Being only 6 days from my new delivery date, you could say I was a wreck! Yesterday Joel and I went into a lab and had my complete blood work done, My levels were thankfully up to a 10.9 (still really anemic, but better). I called my midwife last night and asked if she would deliver my baby if my levels were in the 10's she said she would prefer it bring at least to an 11, but yes she would deliver at that level. So I then asked if I could come in, in the morning to be checked, as last time she wouldnt even check me. So this morning I went in, I am dialated to almost a 3 and my cervix is softened. Today I have had contractions all day long, so I am sure we will have a new baby soon....or at least I hope soon. Who knows I guess this could go on all week long, but I am hoping to deliver before my Iron levels drop off again, I will have to get my blood drawn every few days to check levels, so it's stressful here, but right now at this moment I have someone to deliver my baby, a definate improvement over the last couple of days!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Darn those cravings

So I was looking up things to boost my Iron levels. For those who dont know my Iron levels are aweful, Normal is 23 points, and I have been ranging between 9.5 and 11 points, and thats with taking Iron supplements everyday!
Anyhow I was on the computer getting suggestions and one site was taking about the disorder Pica, and how it is a sign of Iron- deficiency. Im sure many know that I also have a horrible case of Pica, thats where you crave non-food items, in my case it's chewing ice, chalk and Ajax. However the smell of dirt and other gritty things also go into that category, it's just that Chalk and Ajax are the strongest cravings for me. It was SO FUNNY reading people talk about there cravings because I could totally relate, there was a lady who said she carried around a bag of Tide in her purse so that she could smell it whenever she needed.
For me everytime I go to WalMart or Target I stock up on Ajax and always have to go over to the summer section and look at the chalk. I love all the different variaties of chalk, I havent bought any, but then again we already have chalk at home, and yes I've tried it. I just figured it was better not have any more temptation laying around, Id hate to get to the point where I was like "Hey kids that's mommy's chalk, you have your own, dont play with my chalk"
Oh and another odd thing about chalk is that the church has this chalk and it's super smooth feeling not grainy like sidewalk chalk, and it doesnt seem nearly as great as sidewalk chalk, I crave the grainy chalk! And it's funny that whenever I am wishing that I was eating chalk I always think that white chalk would be best because it doesnt have artificial colors...then I think are you serious? Who cares about added colorings when its chalk you want to eat!
Anyhow if you ever want a good laugh (or maybe it wouldnt be funny if you've never felt the craving) but check out any website that talks about the condition Pica, and has testimonials from people, they are pretty funny.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Taran

Today Taran turned SIX! (pictures will post tomorrow)
Taran had a two day celebration, because Joel had to go to a scout camp last night to Lake Powell. We decided yesterday we would celebrate with the family. We didnt have much time, but we did decorate the house for him with streamers everywhere and went to pirate Island Pizza for a latte lunch and then we opened presents. Taran was excited about the Pirate Island Pizza, and all the tokens he won!

Today we went to the Washington Water Park with Amy and her kids, we also brought Tarans friend Brayden Cullen with us. We stayed for about five hours and had a blast! Later on we went to my grandmas where we had a larger family get together, and had icecream cake and played around. I think he had a great birthday, both days of it!

So heres the SIX things I love about Taran
1. He is very in tune with others emotions. He always knows when I am feeling down and tries to cheer me up!
2. We is so smart. I am amazed at what this little kids knows, I wasnt surprised at all when they wanted to put him in an accelarted learning program
3. He can entertain himself. I love that he can find tings to do on his own to make himself happy.
4.He laughs very easily, and when you tickle him he has the funniest laugh, it makes you want to tickle him some more.
5. He helps out around the house.
6. He's just so cute! I know I may be a little biased, but I just think he is such a cute little boy!

We love you Taran, have a wonderful year!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I have been aweful at keeping this updated the last couple of weeks, it must be that we havent done much, but I appologize and will try to be better! :)

Quick trip

Joel had to make a quick trip to SLC on Monday and come home on Tuesday. So I decided to tag along with Kyler while Joely and Taran stayed at grandma Stouts house. I have learned that you should NEVER travel so close to your due date, it was simply miserable driving in the truck! But, the weather in SLC was beautiful it rained in the evenings which was nice, but I gotta say I am glad to be home, and it's where I plan to stay until this baby comes!