Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another Zions trip

While posting my recent trip to Zions, I found some pictures of a trip we made on Thanksgiving weekend...So I thought I'd put those in here too!

We went to Zions with a bunch of Joels family, okay let me restate that with a bunch of our nieces and nephews and actually not so many other adults. :-)

We drove around first and saw 2 different groups of mountain goats!

Then we decided to go hiking up to Weeping Rock. The ground was icy, very icy!

We started the hike noticing a huge group of people at the base of the first incline, then we noticed why there was such a huge group, the trail was covered in icy...thick ice! And everyone was slipping. Everyone still wanted to hike, so they and the kids all took off on the trail and Parlee and I stayed behind and took some pictures.

After a while people not from our group were returning from the same hike and coming over to me and saying little things like "wow, that group of yours sure had a close call"....and that would be it. Of course I was curious as to what in the world everyone was talking about....

...however before I found out the rest of that story, our group started returning. They decided to make their entrance down the large hill a dramatic one. The boys were all 'surfing' down the ice hill! It was so fun to see. Some of the younger kids (like mine) squatted down and slid down the hill. It really looked fun and scary. (scary because while they were gone, I saw 2 grown men do a serious fall on the ice, one guy laid their for almost five minutes, it was quite scary)

....Okay so I got a chance to find out what other people were talking about on their way back from the hike.... I guess when they were hiking they saw a large icicle fall in the trail ahead of them. So they tried to keep the group together and kept a watchful eye....Once they reached the end of the trail, Joely was standing a bit away from everyone, when a huge icicle fail. (the funny thing is, I actually heard the icicle from where I was at the base of the trail). When the icicle came down (and mind you it was about the size of Joely) it actually hit her on the head, luckily not square on. but she had a nasty headache and some sore shoulders for about a week! SCARY!

We ended by heading to the temple of Sinewava, ate some sandwiches and most everyone hiked up the trail..Joel, Parlee, Kyler and I stayed back at the car, we were freezing by then!


Amy and I took the kids for a full day of playing and hiking in Zions....

Im sure we got some funny looks, 2 pregnant women and 6 kids!

I was overjoyed that the only pregnant lady throwing up was not me!!! Sorry Amy!

We only did a short hike and let the kids go at their own pace, which was very SLOW, because we had to pick up every rock to look at, switch hiking sticks (with the exception of Kyler who lugged around this metal pole as a hiking stick the whole time!!)

We saw some people who were paddling down the river, so we waved at them. We also threw dirt into the river (why not), drove through the tunnel with the windows down, honking and yelling out the know all the important stuff :-)

Later we went to the Springdale park and let the kids play. We stayed their for a few hours. Someone had left a bunch of sand toys in the volleyball court, so the kids spent hours building sand castles and having fun. Amy I spent those same hours lounging out in the nice comfy chairs that were also left behind!

On our way home we stopped in Hurricane and ate at Durangos, we were a sight for sore eyes. I must say its a little funny walking into a restraunt when everyone is so filthy dirty.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Whoo Hoo

Im so glad my friend Emily got me to put the pregnancy widget back up on my blog. Because now I know that today I have less then 100 days to go!

Okay that may still sound like a lot, but being in the single digits is something to celebrate for me! for prego updates. Most know that I tested postive for gestational diabetes a couple weeks ago, however I was so sick, that the blood results could have been affected. So On Tuesday I retake my blood work to see where I stand.

As for Iron levels this pregnancy, I have been crazy about my Iron. Seriously, obsessive, and its paying off. Even though I was low, it was my highest Iron blood level test I have EVER had while pregnant it was a 10.4 and anything under 11 is considered low. But holy moly that's so close to an 11 I was seriously jumping for joy!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Spring!