Monday, March 2, 2009

Home birth

For the birth of our fourth baby Joel and I have chosen to have our baby at home with a midwife, the other day I found this funny article about this lady who chose to do the same thing....these are some of the questions and comments people asked her while pregnant....It's good for a laugh.

"I saw a home water birth on A Baby Story and she looked fat." (If you give birth in a hospital, suddenly you look like Elle McPherson?)
"What happens if there are complications?" (An ambulance, naturally.)
"Will they sew you up after the episiotomy?" (In truth, I was asked if I'd be left "flapping in the breeze.")
"What happens if you die?" (Consult your local cleric. People don't ever die in hospitals, right?)
"Won't it be messy?" (???)
"What if it hurts?" (Doesn't it always? I hear about pain-free births, but I hear about unicorns, too.)

If only I could come up with quick responses like that. Actually I dont think we have had any odd questions, just the common are you scared or worried...and the answer is YES! But I am each time I am pregnant, after Taran I know just how bad it hurts, so sure I am not looking forward to the pain. But, who does? So, just the same old concerns.


Kenz said...

What the......? You are a brave woman! So am I invited too then? I'm so excited and nervous all at the same time! Well congrats, and good luck! Let me take the kidos if you don't mind! By the way, it's time for a game night! Let me know when Joel is home next.

Kathy said...

I have always wanted to do that! Good luck!

creeks wife said...

I think that is awesome! I always wanted to do that too but my hubby was not a fan so I didn't.

H and K Enloe said...

Did I miss that you are having a girl? The baby shoes are so cute! You are so crafty!
I am stoked that you are doing a home birth! That is brave and cool and I bet that you will be so glad that you did. My sister-in-law did that with her last two kids and said that she would never do the hospital thing again. Good luck!