Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tuachaun Choir Concert

The choir concert went so wonderfully last night. The kids had to wear poodle skirts, so mom and I made this cute skirt the night before (thanks mom) It looked SOOO cute on Joely, she even asked if she could wear it to church. The choir sang 2 songs with all the schools then each school did a solo song, Red Mountain sang a song from Greese then there were 3 more songs that they all sang together as a large group. I was so proud that Joely sang all the songs and did her actions well. Way to go Joely!

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Hey Hey! said...

Are you sooo excited to have that baby or what? All the baby outfits look so cute!I thought that was really neat that we got to meet at the IKEA of all places! You look great by the way. I am always triple your size when I am pregnant. Anyway, I really enjoyed having a midwife, it was an awesome experience. The question is are you getting the epdidural or not? lol!!! Take care and say hi to those little cuties of yours.