Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pregnancy update

Upon going to the midwife today, here are the recent updates....
1.The babies heartbeat was at 123. A babies heartbeat should be between 120-160, typically a slower heartbeat means a boy and a faster indicates a girl....I am hoping my 'girl' was just sleeping so the heartbeat was slow.
2. I told her I was craving chalk (nothing new when Im pregnant) so I may need to be tested for anemia. Sure enough I was REALLY low in Iron....great thing is that now I can justify Cafe Rio Salmon Tacos at least once a week :)
3. I am in my final 10 weeks fo pregnancy, and since I usually come early, Im sure there is even less time.
4. I was able to talk her into not seeing me for 3 weeks instead of two. I hate how often you have to go in! However after that she said I have to go in every other week...hey at least I bought myself one extra week with no appointments.
5. I just remembered I forgot to tell the midwife I used the last of the toilet paper...sucks to be the next appointment...oops.


Kathy said...

You are hilarious my friend! Loved the toilet paper comment. Don't worry, the doctors told my mom I was a boy based on my heartbeat. Hmmm, I am pretty sure they were wrong.

Adam and Robyn said...

I was always low in iron which also resulted in me craving chalk. I hope your "little girl" was just asleep also. I guess we'll see in a few more weeks. I think that's funny about the T.P. Hopefully, they next patient noticed before actually needing it. I know I would have just sat down and then been hollering for help!