Monday, November 17, 2008

Out with the old in with the new...

Okay, so that wasn't a very nice title....this weekend was an emotional weekend. It brought about many changes in the Primary and I must say I was not ready for all the changes that happened. Robyn Peterson my 1st councilor was released to go into the Young Womens presidency, this spawned a lot of additional changes, and as a result I have a new first councilor Deborah Decker whom I am very excited to work with. I also lost my secretary Andrea Bang who was repalced by Virginia Covington: this to will be fun getting to know her. I was sad to see my presidency leave, but on the flip side I am excited for the changes and new friendships that will develope in my new presidency. Changes are always difficult for me, I especially had a hard time when Robyn decided to bear her testimony in Primary, the Bishop and Brother Anderson were both sitting in the back of the primary, I don't think the primary has seen so many tears.

I think the last two weeks (thats when I knew the changes were happening) I have had a chance to reflect on my calling and how greatful I am to be in the Primary. I can't imagine any place I would rather be, and I can't imagine anything else I would be rather doing with my time.... Okay so I may cry even when I am typing... It's funny to look at the time I have been in primary, even though I knew and admired those who I had in my presidency, it wasn't until we began to serve together that I trully could appericiate how trully wonderful these women really are, I can't imagine better friends then those I have been given over this past year. It's funny how I feel a sense of lose, even though we still all live a couple blocks from each other, the feeling you get when you serve your Heavenly Father and strengthen the testimonies of young children along with strengthening your own testimony is a very powerful thing. As I do look at what has been done, I too am excited at the prospect of forging new friendships and watching the gospel move forward.

I brought my camera to church yesterday so I could take a picture of my past and present primary presidency, but like a dummy I forgot to take pictures; so I guess I'll have to update this with pictures later.

July 2007 Primary Presidency:
President: Kristin Stout
1st councilor: Robyn Peterson
2nd councilor: Jennifer Anderson
Secretary: Andrea Bang

October 2007:
2nd councilor: Lori Borrowman - Jennifer moved out of our ward

November 2008 Priamry Presidency:
President: Kristin Stout
1st councilor: Deborah Decker
2nd councilor: Lori Borrowman
Secretary: Virginia Covington

Look at that - the only one to even stay the same is myself....I need to work better at my people skills apparently :) I think I scare every one away!


Janae said...

I never thought of it that way. Sister Anderson Was in your presidency. Lori was a good choice. You are an awesome president and should stay forever

Adam and Robyn said...

You're awesome, I'm really going to miss everyone! Maybe we should call you to be camp director and we could terrorize girls camp too. That would be too much fun! Hey we need to get together and talk about invits and stuff.

Kenz said...

Wow, what a change! It looks like a good one though! I won't beable to go to Twilight with you guys, I'll be in SLC for a reunion. Bummer, that would have been way fun, and better company! Thanks for thinking of me though.

Lori said...

Kristin you are such an amazing President-I have loved serving with you! I am truely inspired by you! I am excited to get to know the new presidency, but will miss the old! Change is never easy.