Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Little Ky Ky

You may wonder why I would ever choose to put a picture of such a messy room on my blog, well I will tell you....

Yesterday I put Ky down to take a nap (in his crib-same as usual). Well, he just started crawling out of crib again...he first learned to do this a few months back, but after he fell once it stopped him from trying again. So anyways I put him down for a nap and closed the door, I quickly heard him jump out of the crib run over to turn on his bedroom light and pull out all of his trains. Since he can't open his bedroom door to get out, I just figured I'd have to settle on him having some alone time instead of a nap...I went about my work.

About 20 minutes later I noticed it was real quite in his room, and me trying to be stealthy, well I didn't want to open his door, so I checked under the door. I couldn't see him or hear him. Now I was curious where he had actually fallen alseep at, so I quietly opened the door, and he was sound asleep in his crib! He apparently chucked a couple trains into his crib and then climbed in and went to sleep, who knew he could climb back in! Pretty cute if you ask me!

So the picture of the room is the evidence of his 'alone play time' looks like he had a lot of fun! and the other picture I took of him when he did finally wake up (can you see the trains in his bed by the pillow? It's cute that this picture also shows his little hand playing with the ribbon of his bumper. He always twirls the ribbon to get to sleep, one day he actually twirled to hard and his finger got stuck. So I had to come in and unwind his finger.)

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Adam and Robyn said...

That is too precious. What a cutie. But if he's climbing out of crib I think that's a sign that it's time for another. Actually, I have no room to talk huh.