Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Birthday Bash

We had a big birthday bash for all the November birthdays tonight at grandma and grandpa Foremasters house. We celebrated Kyler's, Raychelle's, Teresa's and grandma Barbara's birthdays (and Marg too, but she wasn't there). After a large BBQ we got out the cake, Tonya did a great job decorating it, it was a large sheet cake-half was decorated like Finding Nemo for Kyler and the other half had roses for all the girls.

All the birthday people got to take a lick of the frosting (see picture) Kyler thought this was awesome, so he tested the waters a little more..... he carefuly tried a little more, he didn't get in he took off the Nemo and ate the icing....still he didn't get in trouble, so he dipped the Nemo back in the icing to get more on it.....Now he realizes he's got control of this birthday cake thing, so he grabs a spoon nearby and digs in for a big old scoop of icing! Needless to say we all avoided that area of the cake whenit was time to cut it :)

Raychelle turned 30, so I brought her a cane..just so she could try it out, on the cane there were some signs on it like 'Caution: operator may move slowly' and 'Aint gettin' any younger' I also got her some prune juice...yum! What a good sport!

It was a really fun night filled with tons of food (as usual) and family! I hope everyone has a great birthday!


Bash's said...

Hey there lady! How are you? I love reading your blog and watching your fun adventures!! You sure are busy, but it suits you well. Thanks for sharing!

KaufusiFamily said...

What a fun idea! Looks like you had a fun time. You are TOO funny with the cane gift. I forgot Raychelle was your cousin. I totally remember her from high school She was always such a sweetheart.

Lori said...

I love birthdays, and in Novemeber it seems like there is a ton of them! I love the cute birthday cake! You crack me up with the cane and prune juice!

Ryan and Jen said...

Looks Like a fun party!

In comment to your hot chocolate doughnut, care and share night I think that sounds fantastic! Let me know If I can do anything to help get it know me I have plenty of spare time:)

Raychelle said...

Kaufusifamily--is that Tenille? I didn't know that was you and I've actually seen your pictures on comments on this blog before. Thanks for the nice comment! I appreciate it! You were always a sweetheart too.