Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Im going private soon

I want to let everyone know that soon I will be making this blog private. I don't want to exclude any friends. I will probably be making the switch next week. The reason for this is that I put so much about our family on here, my goal was to use this blog as a family journal and I worry about too many strangers being able to look at it. I will send invites next week or I'll go to your families blog to give you an invite (Taylors). Candace I don't know how to contact you though. Hopefully I won't miss anyone when I make the switch, If your worried I don't have your info, try to get it to me. Thanks Kristin


Loud Spekers said...

Hey I was wanting to know how to get people's blogs onto my blog like um how do i word this.... when we view your blog on the side under your favorite book you have "friends and family" and under that you have all the blogs of your friends and family how do you get them on there so when people view it they can see them? Thank you

Lori said...

You will love the whole private thing! Please invite us to your private blog! I can't belive all that snow- so crazy! Hey we are going to the Glenn Beck Christmas show too! Where are your seats?