Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Metallica Concert

Last night Joel and I went to the Metallica concert at the Delta Center. We ended up with an extra ticket, so we decided it was time to corrupt the young mind of our nephew Taybor. The show was a lot of fun, I know that Taybor loved it. I wasn't lovin' either of the opening acts (maybe because I hate metal music?) But Metallica put on a great show, complete with pyrotechnics, lazer show, huge lighting effects and they even dropped about 100 inflated balls from the ceiling.

Joel and I tend to go to many concerts, we just renewed our seats for the box at Usana. I hate bragging, but I gotta say after seeing an arena show last night, Joel and I were really appericaiting Usana. This year our company purchased a VIP box at the Usana ampetheater in SLC and every show that comes there we have 6 tickets. Of course these tickets get divided out, and usually tow of those tickets to every show we use to bring clients, but it proved to be a lot of fun over this last summer. (I was just informed of how much the VIP cost and I about crapped my pants.) It's awesome because you get the great parking, dinner served before, the best seats and a personal waitress. Somehow we ended up with the best box, and I heard that Zions bank was pretty mad that we got it instead of them moving up a row (I guess they have been on a waiting list for years), okay blah blah blah. I do want to list the 2008 conecerts we got to see this year.....

The Police (This was one of my favorite shows)
Motley Crue with Buckcherry, Pappa Raoch and some others (This concert SUCKED and we left early)
Martina McBride (I took Joely along with Joels sister Tawni and her daughter Kaisia, they LOVED it)
Glenn Beck Christmas Show (okay so it's not a cencert, but there will be an orchastra. We haven't seen it yet, but we have our tickets and we are waiting for it, I'm sure it will be great)

Happy Concerting!

PS. Nate we got you your shirt, maybe I'll take a picture of it and add it later for my 'Metallica' picture :) You guys are great for watching Joely!


Adam and Robyn said...

How fun is that. Concerts are the best. I'm glad it was alot better than the Motley Crue Concert. Metallica's pretty cool and like alot of their music. Wow! Box seats you guys practically celebrites...I'm not worthy.

Adam and Robyn said...

Oh yeah I forgot to answer your question. Now you're going to have 2 comments and get excited and find out their both from me, sorry. Anyway, I just find a picture on line by googling it and then right click on it and save it to my picture file. Then while browsing my pictures it's right there.