Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sheep Parade

Yesterday I took the kids along with my neice Aubrey, my friend Amy and her two kids Kennedy and Owen up to Cedar City for the sheep parade. Well guess what- it was a lot of fun, at the begining of the parade there were a lot of old trailers that the sheep herders slept in, and equiptment and stuff. Kyler loved to wave at a lot of these things. There was even truck that was throwing out wool, Amy and I brought all the kids out to the middle of the road to collect some wool (it seemed like a fun show and tell item). I think we first were a little suspicious when we heard the wool clank against the pavement, it was then that we realized it was covered in matted POOP! They were actually throwing out poopy wool, disgusting! We then decided this was NOT a good thing to bring home to show people :) The best part of the parade is the finally where about 200 or more sheep come walking down center street. It was so much fun seeing all these crazy sheep being paraded down the road (of course by the time we got to this point Kyler was done being at the parade, and was more interested in the pretzels then all the sheep that were about 3 feet from him.)

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