Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Party

A girl in Joely's class invited her entire third grade class over for a halloween party tonight! Joely's dressed up as Hermoine Granger (Harry Potter) Maricela made these outfits for her family last year, she's wonder woman with a sewing machine! So this year our family will be playing the parts of the Harry Potter books. I will be Proffesor McGonagal, Joel will be Albus Dumbledore, Joely is Hermione, Taran will be Harry Potter, and Kyler will be Ron Weasley. You'll just have to wait till next week to see how we all look, but I'll tell you this, Maricela spared no expense at making these outfits look AWESOME!


Raychelle said...

Very cute. You need to find someone to take a picture of your entire family all dressed up. We'll put you all at the top of the family page. Also, could you email me one of those pictures of Joely as Hermione? Brooke is going as the same thing this year and Taylor would like to share Joely's pic with her if that's ok. Good luck with the costumes!

KaufusiFamily said...

You've just been tagged. Check my blog for your instructions.

Kenz said...

So cute!!!! She is my favorite character in that series. Joely, you look awesome:)