Thursday, October 30, 2008

A day at the symphony

Today all of the third grade classes took a field trip over to the MK Cox building to see the Symphony. I was one one the mom helpers, we had a lot of fun, we took the bus over to the college...I realized I am too tall for a bus, my head almost hits the roof :) Once we got there we had to wait our turn to go in, so all the kids had to line up in the hall and sit (for about a half hour). Then we went in and listened to the symphony, I think Mrs. Pays whole class really enjoyed it. All the kids were really ecxited for the Phantom of the Opera Medally. All in all it was a great field trip. Look at how cute everyone looks all spiffed up in there Sunday clothes.


Ryan and Jen said...

Looks like a fun day! Cute pictures, I really like the one on the bus! As to your question about me following you...I am still learning myself but when I sign in and look at my profile it gives me your latest update. I can select the specific names and go straight to there blog and see all the pics. Like I said I am still learning but so far it's a nice short cut to stay caught up with everybody.
PS. I'll try and keep the recipes updated :) I'd love to have your cookie recipe (hint hint) As to eating pumpkin...lots of butter, salt and pepper :)

Adam and Robyn said...

You are so funny, OK so yes, I added more music and yes I'm going to update. I've just been working on getting everyone invited, it's takes such a long time when you're as popular as me and have tons of friends. Ok so about the blog it, I love being able to just take a glance and know who has updated since I have last looked. So first you go to layout and then Add and gadget, and then blog list. You will need the URL name of each blog you want to add. Then you just add your names and then you can go to the top and customize your list, arrange according to last updated or alphabethically or whatever. It's so cool. Let me know if this doesn't make sense. Other wise I'll see you on your blog.

Miller said...

Your so great to help out the class. My kids always thought it was so great for me to come along. I miss that! Tana is still young enough to enjoy me, but Joey... thats just not cool! You have such a cute family!
Jeni Miller