Saturday, October 25, 2008

I've been tagged

I was tagged by TENNILE to list 6 random things about myself.

The rules:

Link to the person who tagged you
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Tag six fellow bloggers.
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1. I love the color green and orange.
2. I have very vivid and real dreams, in fact Joel has woke me up from a dream several times because I am crying. I also talk in my sleep, but I think I tend to cry the most.
3. My neighbor used to have a triantuala named Kristin. In fact I'm sure he probably went through several spiders just to be mean and name the yucky spider after me, it seems it was that way through most of middle school, and the begining of high school. (There was NO secret crush there, he just didn't like me)
4. I worry about so many things. (Am I spending enough time doing fun things with my kids, am I fulfilling my calling, are my friends and family okay, will Joel like this dinner)
5. When Grandma Stout died I felt a sense of loss, because I didnt know what to do with my spare time, I had spent so much of my time invested in being with her at the end, that I trully felt lost when she was gone.
6. I only have one lung.

These are the people I tagged. Mckenzie Hansen, Janae Bang, Raychelle Morrill, and Jenni Caine, Chanta Foremaster, Cynthia Craig


Kenz said...

Your it! Is that how we play? I'm confused! Tell me how to do this:)

cynthia said...

inform me too please:)

Kristin said...

You need to do what I did. you write six random things about yourself on your blog and tag six other bloggers to do the same thing, tell them to come to your site to read the rules.....(wirte down six random things, tag six more people, let them know there tagged on there blog)

Kristin said...

PS. If you want to also check out the girl who tagged me (Joels cousin) to see her ideas just click on the Kaufusi link in my friends and family spot :)
Hope that helps you out.

KaufusiFamily said...

I love the fun facts about you. I never knew you only have ONE lung. Wow! I know Grandma Stout was SO grateful for you giving your time to spend with her. I wish I lived closer so I could have spent more time. But i am so happy to know that you were there with her.

cynthia said...

ok Kristen, I did it.