Monday, October 27, 2008

Welcome Jocelyn Verlyn Eves

Tonight we went to see Holli and Joes new baby girl, she is 12 hours old in these pictures, and cute as a button! She has Joes mouth, with the cutest fullest lips and lower gums just like cute. I just get so baby hungry. We picked up Aubrey, she will be with us for the next four days. When we got ready for bed Aubrey had a hard time and was really missing her mom and dad, but we called them and now she is totally happy and coloring. I'm sure she will have some hard times over the next few days, it's hard having someone new come to your family. We love you Jocelyn!


Lori said...

What a doll! So precious those little ones! Can you believe I sometimes get baby hungry, and then I look around me, and it fades-very quickly!

cynthia said...

Cute baby. Makes me baby hungry too, until bed time that is:)

KaufusiFamily said...

Jocelyn is such a cutie! I wondered what Holli was going to have. I am happy to hear everything is going well for them. You are such a GREAT sister in-law to help her with Aubrey. Those Stout girls are very lucky in the sister in-law department.