Thursday, January 1, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and happy New Years! I can't believe it's 2009 and I'm just posting my Christmas Pictures!

We went to the grandma and grandpa Stouts for our traditional Christmas Eve festivities, complete with dinner, caroling and lots of snacks. We got home Christmas Eve at 11pm just in time to open our Christmas PJ's and notice that Ivins was completely covered in SNOW! St.George looked nothing like Ivins did. I think knowing that I was going to have my first white Christmas ever was the best part of the whole holidays (what-ever global warming!)

Christmas morning came early as usual with Joely and Taran calling us from there room, because of course Joel and I have hung sheets up to block the view of the front room, oh, yeah and there is the chair barracade. (We do this because it's all tradition, not because it actually keep kids from peeking, oh no, because the first thing Joely said to me when I made it to her room was "You know I forgot about this, but I think a scooter would be a really cool present, you know the kind with two wheels. I forgot to ask Santa for one but I think that would be fun...." Hmm I bet you'd never guess what Santa brought her....perhaps a scooter. I guess the whole house re-do to prevent peeking is crap, but we'll keep on doing it!

Kyler was still asleep when the kids woke up in the morning so, at 6am we played games in Joely's room so that Kyler could sleep for a little longer. At 6:30 we decided this was pointless and we would just go and wake him up, he greated us by throwing-up. I'm sure that was him thinking Take that for waking me up so early in the morning when I didn't get to bed until midnight!

The kids had a great time opening presents, the most loved presents I think were the Pixos. Then we prepared for grandma and grandpa Foremaster and grandma Barabara to come over for breakfast...YUM!

This was one of my favorite Christmas' because of the snow, I hope it doesn't take another 30 years to have a white Christmas!

Last Night we spent New Years at the Stouts, they live a block and a half away from First Night, so everyone can easily walk to First Night and back as they please...Of course I never choose to actually go out in the cold, in the middle of winter at night, not when there's a heated house to stay at! Why be cold?

I haven't made any New Years resolutions, probably because I won't keep them. They usually are, get in better shape...I'm guessing that resolution usually comes with the required exersize...which I know I wont do, so forget it. And there is always eat better...but I got that really cool new brownie pan this year, so forget that one too. Keep up on dishes and housework....hmm, dishes in the sink as we speak, I could have been cleaning like I said I would when I got home from town, but then I saw my sad little lonely computer, and i figured the dishes weren't going I guess I better scratch that resolution. See, I just figured it was easier to skip the resolutions this year! Better luck with yours!


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