Saturday, December 27, 2008

Just the way it goes

The Wednesday before Christmas - on December 17th, I had a not so fun day. Is that even a way to describe the kind of day I had? I dont think so, but that's just what it was.

Anyhow, I had a miscarriage. I was 4 days shy of being three months pregnant, it was a rather scary time, and something I hope to never exereince again. The good news is that I am also still pregnant, the baby we lost was a twin. I think this poses a lot of mixed emotions, some I am sure I haven't delt with yet, but I greatful right now to still be pregnant, and we have seen our healthy baby kicking around on several different ultrasounds we have had in the past week.

I wonder if it would have better to know we had twins before the miscarrage or if it is better this way? Who knows, I guess it's just the way it goes!


cynthia said...

I'm so sorry Kristin, bless your heart. I love you. Know that you'll be in our prayers.

Adam and Robyn said...

You are such a trooper. I am so amazed with how strong you are and how well you handle situations. Know that you and Joel and the baby are in our thoughts and prayers, and NEVER hesitate to ask for anything I can do to help.