Monday, January 19, 2009

Useless Facts

I love useless pieces of knowledge, so here are two new things.

#1. (Thanks to my grandma for enlightening me on this one). Garbage men get paid based on weight and houses. Who knew I figured they would just get paid, but actually they get paid based on how many homes they have on there route and how much garbage they have (the weight) So Christmas must be an awesome time to be a garbage man. So next time you have a whole lot a trash going out, think of the how happy your garbage man is, you are securing a larger check for him!

#2. In the middle of Utah is a town named LEVAN it is actually NAVAL spelled backwards. Needless to say, it's the belly button of Utah!

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Adam and Robyn said...

So I should stop feeling bad for hiding large concrete bricks and boulders in the bottom of our garbage can. I just thought I was being clever cleaning up my yard one rock at a time, I didn't think it was actually helping anyone out...sweet!