Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Scorpion

Here are the boys making paper airplanes. This has become a new past time in our house. Of course you can't just make an airplane, it must be named, and grouped into the type of plane it is.

Me, I make dud airplane, mine never fly, or they do funky spirals before crashing, but Joel (and his dad) this is a fine art. The Scorpion is Tarans personal favorite airplane, others include The Spider and The Black Hawk.

Joel had to give Taran lessons in the fine points in aerodynamics like slighlty rolling the ends of the wings upwards to give the plan lift...Me, of course I never knew this. Do people actually do this? and slighlty weighting different parts of the plane...What? I thought this was a paper airplane. Taran just loves all the information, he always want to know how everything works, and Kyler, well he could care less, but he sure does laugh a lot when we are throwing the planes around!

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