Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kinda Funny

So today I was reading one of those 'week by week in your pregnancy' books. For 15 weeks it mentioned some things that I just laughed at, it mentioned sudden outbursts of emotion...I found this funny because yesterday I went to Hollywood video and had to pay a late fine (a rather steep one I may add) and it just must have hit me wrong, because I started crying about it. Yup, I cried about paying money to Hollywood, needless to say we cancelled our membership too. Hmm, sudden outburst of emotion?


Janae said...

Kristen I do have a few swimsuits that I could give you a great price on. call me if you want to see what ones I have

Raychelle said...

Sorry Kris, but I think that is hilarious! I never saw you as the type to cry over a late fee so I guess it makes me feel a little better. I think we all have times where we cry over really stupid things in public! (Unfortuneately we don't all have a pregnancy to blame those instances on.)

Adam and Robyn said...

I bet my late fee could beat your late fee!