Friday, December 19, 2008

Rockin' Santa

We have this rocking Santa...which I will say is hands down the most annoying decoration anyone could own, but thats besides the point.

Last year when we got Santa out little Kyler who was just one year was terrified of this demonic Santa. He would just scream, yet he just sat there afraid to move from the Santas evil glare, sadly Joel and I found this all quite entertaining and at times we would turn it on just to watch his reaction (I know it's mean, but unless you saw him you just wouldn't know how funny it really was)

Well this year, we got Santa out again and Kyler must have forgot the fear he felt, because he is obsessed with our rockin' Santa. He just lays there watching Santa and always has it playing! I guess a lot can change in just one year!

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