Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nativity update

I have made several angel costumes (I think they turned out simple and cute). If you want to make any angels or Mary costumes, lets get together next Wednesday. You will need to buy your material. The angel looks good in a crushed panne material....it is stretchy though, which is more difficult then good old cotton. I also added a little trim (less the 1/2 yard) I think I'd keep Mary in a cotton material...but it's your choice. Im going to make my wisemen out of the crushed panne too. I already bought some. I bought 1.5 yards of 3 different jewel toned fabrics.

You can come by my house and see it before you buy material if you want. That way you could also see the patterns I sketched and try to get an idea of how much material you may want. You wont need more then 2 yards though if that helps.

If I can get Taran to take a picture with a costume on (highly doubtful though) I'll post it. I've made him try it on several time to see if I had made aprox a size 6 dress...but having his picture taken may be stretching it ;-)

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amber said...

We've been out of town so I just saw this post. Are you talking about next Wed the 17th or did I already miss the party! Let me know because I really want to try this.