Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween round-up

Heres a brief re-cap of our Halloween to-do's

We had a ward Halloween carnival...always fun and anticipated.

Another Halloween has come and gone.

We painted pumpkins. The kids spent SO long trying to get their pumpkins just right. Kylers was just layer upon layer of paint. Im surprised parts of it ever dried out.

Carving pumpkins with dad. This year we had the alien (probably the kids favorite)

The pumpkin on the pumpkin (my choice)

And a pumpkin face...Isnt he cute?

We put all the painted and carved pumkins on our bench and put our bench at the front of our grass by the road, so that they could be seen this year. We had them lit on Saturday and Sunday.

This year, we actually trick or treated in our neighborhood, which was a first in the 10 years we have lived here (I know sinister right?). We usually only walk out our block to the 'alamo' the coveted spot where you get MANY candy bars. and along the way we hit the few houses on our block that have their lights on, including the Blakes. We'll this year when we hit the Blakes Gina invited us to come back later for her homemade donuts and soup (we have had her donuts in years past and they are SO yummy). Well this year we figured why not go around our neighborhood then head back to the Blakes. And so we did.

I cant believe what we had been missing in years passed! Up in Summit Ridge it's like a gold mine of candy heaven for kids. Their were So many neighborhood kids wandering the streets, and so much candy. Kyler had me hold his bag between houses, because he claimed it was just too heavy to hold. It was the most fun we have ever had.

We then headed back to the Blakes for donuts and soup, the kids got toys the Gina had put in her hot tub (she turned on the hot tub so it swirled around and the kids could pick out fun prizes). We had to leave before the yearly 'witch burning' (how fun would that have that been?).

All in all a great Halloween!

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