Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kylers 4th birthday

Okay heres a secret...It's Kylers birthday this coming Saturday, but he doesnt realize that....so last night we celebrated his birthday because Joel is now gone to Colorado until Thanksgiving.

Kyler and I went to lunch at the ever so tasty McDonalds.
Then after school we decorated his birthday cake with the other kids. It was a beautiful cake!

Later we got pizza and went to the park to play because Kyler requested that he could 'play and eat and play and eat' and thats exactly what he did. He ate a few bites, then played came back and ate some more.

Joel and Joely left the park early to rush home and decorate for Kyler and wrap the presents that I neglected to have wrapped previously.

When we got home, his grandmas and grandpas were waiting for him. We opened the door and they all started singing Kyler got embarrassed and quickly ran to his bedroom to hide (he did the same thing when we sang to him at breakfast)

Then we ate cake and opened presents.

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Emily said...

Happy Birthday Kyler!!! Those Legos look fun, welcome to the YEARS of Legos. My boys STILL love to play with Legos.