Friday, October 9, 2009

something about 1st grade

I think it must be the age, but my kids have done some funny things in first grade. I am thinking if I ever had to teach elementary it would be in the first grade, because kids are just so funny. When Joely was in first grade she had this assignment where there were 4 boxes representing different time periods (a baby, now, an adult, a grandparent) she had to draw a picture in each bow representing that period of life....the best was the adult, she drew a picture of me (as a preface, I had just had Kyler, who was an awesome baby who was just happy), I was laying on a bed, with a baby next to me, the baby is creaming complete with the words waa, waa, waa. And above me was the caption, 'so tired, too tired'. I just laughed and laughed when I saw this, it is still hanging on my fridge as a reminder. I thought I was energetic and Kyler was great, but I guess this is the way she viewed me ;)

Now on to Taran, this morning I pulled work out of his backpack and there was a paper with some sentences. I asked him what it was, he said he just had to write some sentences about anything he wanted, this is what his said....

I like to have frens (friends)
I like to play
and hav sleovres (sleep overs)
But my mom dus (does) not let me

Well, dont I just look like the mean mom ;) He can write about anything and he chooses to write about things he loves and how I wont let him do anything fun that he, I think I am getting the great mom award yet again.

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amber said...

Samuel tells me at least once a week I'm the worst mom ever so it's nice to see there are other "mean" mom's out there!