Monday, October 26, 2009

Hey Sucker Sucker


I have always thought that little babies who suck their thumbs are so cute. I dont care that people say you dont want a thumb sucker, because I always have. I think a little baby sucking their thumb is just adorable...but, none of my kids have ever sucked their thumbs, until now. Parlee has started sucking her thumb, and not just as a mistake, she spits out her pacifier and puts in her thumb. Or wakes up from sleeping and puts her thumb in and is able to fall back to sleep. I just LOVE it. It's so adorable to see her sleeping with that little thumb in her mouth.


Adam and Robyn said...

Can I have her Please???

Jenny Bracken said...

Oh it is so cute....My first two had NOTHING to do with it either and then there is Kash. He sucked his for about six months. Then one day he was just done! Part of me has to admit i was sad. He is 1 1/2 today man they grow fast