Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Party

Last night the Young Womens and Young Mens in our ward threw their annual Halloween party (great job Robyn and Ryan, by the way). This has become the highlight of our october festivities over the years. This year we dressed up as the Super Stout's our own family of Super Heroes. I made the costumes (and finished them in just the nick of time, about 15 minutes before the party).

I love dressing up as a family, however about two nights ago as I was working on the costumes Joel commented on how each year it takes longer and longer to get costumes ready...of course we have more kids. The best is when he was complaining about all the 'work' involved.....hmm. I'd like to say that all he did is trace and cut the lightning blots out. Maybe it's just me but when he said that i just started laughing. Darn those complicated time consuming lightning bolts! I sure do love my husband! When he was cutting out the lightning bolts he also said that he really hates all this 'crafty stuff'......hmmm, once again may I remind you, it was ONLY cutting out lighting blots. By the way he was talking you would have thought I had him sewing up flowers or something. What a crack up!

I am hating that I dont have a camera to take pictures of these costumes, I really was happy with the way they turned out. Maybe I can get someone to take a picture of us on Halloween so I can post it!

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Adam and Robyn said...

Did you have Jenni take a picture of your entire family at the carnival?