Saturday, October 17, 2009

KyLeRs BiG AdVeNtUrE!

Joel took Ky to work with him on Thursday, up to SLC. It was just an overnight trip and Ky was pretty excited about it. We packed all his clothes in his Thomas the Train backpack, he was way excited.

Joel and Kyler left and picked up Dan and Phillip who were also going....this is when Kyler decided that perhaps this is not what he wanted to be doing. As soon as they picked up Phillip, whom Kyler doesnt know, he started crying. Joel said he was starting to get some real stranger anxiety. They pulled over at Browse and moved people around in the truck, Joel talked to Kyler and he seemed to be doing better. I called them at about the time they hit Filmore, I asked to talk to him. As soon as he heard my voice he started crying again, saying "I just go mommy's home" It nearly broke my heart! I tried to talk to him and get him excitied about his work adventure, but he remained sad the through the whole conversation.

I talked to him again when they got up to Aunt Tawni's house, needless to say with all of his cousins there, he forgot he was sad. When I talked to him all he said was "mom I play now" and quickly gave the phone back to Joel. I guess all was well.

The next day Kyler also had fun, and then began the journey back home. This time Dan and Phillip were in the welder truck following Joel and Kyler, so the trip started out great. I called at about the time they were in Payson, and Joel informed me he was having some truck problems (gotta love that, he's only had the truck about a week now). Needless to say they could only drive for about 10 minutes at a time. Kyler slept through a lot of this. Unfortunetly not long enough....They didn't get home until 4:30 in the morning. Kyler had spent much of the night worried about the truck and crying from time to time. That trip took them about 10+ hours! I couldn't believe that this is how Kylers first adventure alone with his dad went. The other kids beg for there time alone with Dad, and I just have this little feeling that Kyler wont be asking to go to work anytime too soon.

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