Friday, January 18, 2013

New Years Games

 Here are some pictures of how we spent our New Years eve, chillin' on the beach :-)
Smoothies complete with an orange slice and an umbrella to go with our dinner
 For this game the kids took turns standing on a chair, they tried to see who could fill up the cup on Joels head with water. Taran won this game, Joely almost peed her pants laughing while she was playing!
 Life saver game (we had two life saver games, because 'lifesavers' are a beach thing :-) For this game they each had a bowl with water in it, and they were 'bobbing for lifesavers' Kyler won this and did a major happy dance after that we did record, it was great!
 Balloon volleyball, Yes I had lots of better pictures, but none of them showed the die hard must win spirit that Joel has here as he is thrusting Keegan to the balloon. :-)
 This picture of Parlee had to be used for several reasons. 1. She was in a swimsuit all day getting ready for the 'skimboard party' as she called it, then got this sweater on for the pictures! 2. I did her hair several times during the night because I knew we would take lots of pictures, but she kept pulling it out, leaving her with a classic Parlee look 3. It shows our fish bowls we each got, each person had their own fish bowl with little swedish fish swimming in them. However Joely was really excited to add the swedish fish and we did them a little too soon, so most of them were swimming on the bottom of the bowls :-)

Below, enjoying the beach scene, complete with Kyler in his swim suit!

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