Friday, January 18, 2013

New Years Decorations

 The dinning room set up (check it out, the shower curtain I made and no longer use got a second life)
 Front Room: Yes, the flag I made from girls camp 3 years ago also found a new life in the decorations.
 Beach Balls from Marg's store window display. Serious, we found anything we could for our beach party!
 Joely and I made these awesome decorations, they kind of remind me of jelly fish, they are crepe paper hung on a paper plate then attached to the ceiling. And below is the entry.

We decided to do a beach theme for New years this year as it was the first year we have ever done New Years Eve as a family at home. It was way fun. I can only post a few pictures at once so Im going to do another post of our games.

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