Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day

I kind of think this may have been my favorite Valentines day! It was busy and fun and filled with my family!

Joely had a choir concert on Valentines...which is a rather odd day to have a concert. But, her having this concert made me switch around our usual plans, usually on Valentines we bring cookies over to all the grandparents houses and leave them on the door steps, ring the door bell and go run and hide waiting for them to find us, this has always been a lot of fun, and in fact for FHE we made a few cookies and decorated them, but I just couldnt figure out how to drive all around, have dinner and go to the concert....

So, of course I couldnt figure out what to do until Valentines morning, while Kyler was at preschool it finally hit me, Im going to have a big party for the kids. I set up different "Stations" with activities, crafts and games. After preschool I had the general idea, we went to town to get decorations and prizes for the prize box and began setting up.

Once the kids got out of school the craziness began, we started by running to Joels work and decorating up his truck, we added balloons, cut out heart, streamers and window clings all over the truck, the kids thought this was so fun and slealthy of us! (of course my hopes was to embarrass him as he came back to get his truck)

Next we quickly visited with two of the grandparents, ran back to Joelys school, came home and had heart shaped Papa Murphy's pizza, with red ice cubes in the sprite (okay so maybe I was stretching for anything valentine-y)

Then the party began, we had so much fun guessing M&M's in a bottle (Kyler won) playing toss the 'golden love tokens' aka coins into a jar (kyler also won this!) We decorated cards to people, each kids had to choose two people to write to, that will be delivered today), we made Valentine pinwheels on pencils, we played a game where we had to list anything red in two minutes (Joely and Parlee with Joels help won), a lifesaver and toothpick race and so on, it was the best day!!! The kids all got to win prizes, and just had fun. I got crazy on the decorations and this place ended up with streamers, balloons and all things valentines hanging up.

When I was kissing the kids good night each one asked if we could have more parties just like that...mission accomplished!


Lori said...

I love valentines, and getting new ideas! I was sick this year so my poor kids were out of luck.

Lyndi said...

Conclusion: You are SUPERWOMAN!